Have a Great Friday & Weekend

My words are few but i must drop you this few lines…
Hope you week has been fruitful
Never mind what goals you weren’t able to achieve…
Meaning don’t beat yourself so hard

Enjoy your little successes
Celebrate your mile stones
Next week brings in loads of new opportunities to press on again
For now, take time to rest and have some fun this weekend
Have a great Friday and weekend.

Adebissi Adetunji (C)

14 years and still Counting….

14 years and still Counting…. FAMILY PIX
It looked like yesterday
We started out in a single room, sleeping on a mattress on the floor
There was no TV, no Stauffer
But we had a lot of love
There was no car, no carpet yet
But we enjoyed strolling down the road hand in hand
We didn’t earn big figures as salaries
But we enjoyed our dozes of vegetables, ponmo, eja kika and eba


14 years and still counting
We have grown
We have more responsibilities
Our family is bigger
We have been to places
We are certainly not where we used to be
We are more blessed

14 years and still counting
We have got bigger dreams waiting to happen
Let the years roll on as we walk together hand in hand
Trusting our heavenly father to unfold bigger and beautiful things
Grateful for this gift…our home…our marriage!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Be at Peace with Yourself…Thoughts & Life #9

Learn to be at peace with yourself
You seriously have to take one day at a time
Fretting gets you tensed, unsettled and saps you of energy


Do what you can today and let tomorrow take care of it self
For tomorrow will surely take care of itself
Each day has enough trouble to handle already

Be at peace with yourself
Enjoy today; enjoy the blessing of being alive
Enjoy the blessing of your loved ones.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

What are you WAITING…For?

Waiting…                           WAITING PIX
Waiting can be tough
Waiting is never easy
You can’t have everything you want when you want it
You have to learn to wait
Learn to be patient

Everything comes at its own time
Just because you do not have it today doesn’t mean life has to stop

Keep doing what you can with what you have
Use the time you can have to do what you can
It will not always remain so
You will not always have to do without
Every waiting has an end
Patience does bring a rewarding reward

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts and Life #8 – Life is a Cycle

Kids playing
Grandma laughing delightfully
Grandpa smiling and joins the fun

The old white brow remembers when the house was boisterous
Children have left and the nest is empty.
The wrinkled hands remembers so much more
The shaky hands are happy to hug the little ones
They are the fruits from those who left the nest earlier

Life is much simpler now
Things that use to matter no longer do
Life becomes all about little things that bring joy

Once young but now old
Life is now full of memories
Enjoy everyday of your life because you are going to come full cycle.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

When was the Last time you enjoyed your holiday?

The Summer holidays are here for school children, it’s a long one and parents have to think of creative ways to engage their wards. All over the city, bill boards advertising summer coaching, summer extra-curricular of all sorts. Seriously I think we are been very unfair to our kids. They had worked so hard during the school year and instead of allowing them to enjoy their holiday we put them in our cars and drop them off at another school coaching again!!!

I don’t know about you my children have a different idea about how they want to spend their holiday. Here is what they did on a visit to their grandparents  place. It was cousins time out building a house….


Allow your kids to have a memorable childhood…like this

It was time to build in the middle of grandpa’s bird houses…turkey, chicken and ducks

Two turkeys strolling together…Friendship bond

Testing the strength of our leaf thatched house



Checking if our house is roomy enough to sleep in.


Have a fun filled summer holiday and weekend!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)