I could die for my football club

A Team celebrating Victory

Its the European league season and the viewing centres were buzzing with fans. Banters, a joke, and a few curses are exchanged amidst the tension to see which club wins the game. When it is half time fans discuss the game so far and it becomes an argumentative essay/debate. Luckily the guys and some ladies have the owner of the viewing centre to thank for making beer available to help wet dry throats and cool the heat. Fans whose club are ahead in the game, boast of their players skills and make fun of the team still struggling. As the second half resumes everyone is on their toes again hoping that something will just change the game and sometimes it does happen that the winning team ends up loosing. The aftermath of a football game can sometimes turn awry as one or two fans of opposing teams can become violent. Such was the case on a certain night when two men went berserk after a match. Akin (not real name) had been taunted by Philip (not real name) since the beginning of a match because his football club team had not had a good season. The match that day ended in a 3-1 with Akin’s team loosing. Philip in his excitement in no few words said that Akin’s football club were lily liver and should not be in the football business.  Unfortunately Akin had taken more than a few bottles. One of the beer bottles crashed on Philips head and the lighted room went black for him.

Many men would do anything to show their loyalty to the football club team they are a fan of. Not minding the fact that fans are only entertained by their chosen teams but do not have a share in the money players make(ha..ha..ha). Interestingly during the European season leagues, a lot of husbands and wives fight over the man’s love for football. For these women, it feels like they have to compete for their husband’s love. However the trick any day is to buy into your partner’s hobby. If only husbands and wives would understand that they are a football team, trying to get their ball into a goal post to score goals. The more balls the family team gets into the net the bigger the victory. It doesn’t matter which member of the team scores the goal, the whole team get a gold medal each and a cup to showcase their victory. Why do we then have a lot of power struggle in the playing field of marriage? Recently i heard of a man(Mr ControlPhobia) who is educated and a graduate at that, attempting to cow his Dr. Mrs (wife). His extended family scared him with the idea that it would not be easy to “control” his doctor wife as doctors were usually high handed and being a woman makes it worse.  So Mr Controlphobia decided that he was going to marry his doctor wife anyway because he loved her but he had a plan. After marrying her he found a way of making her submissive  as she willingly hands over her salary to him at the end of every month. Dr Mrs. is left with nothing to meet her own personal needs. She doesn’t enjoy doing so but she is afraid of loosing him and her marriage. On the other hand Mr Controlphobia is terribly afraid of his wife becoming “too successful” and he would loose his respect as the man. The effect of this is that none of them is truly happy.

Akin was willing to defend his beloved football club team even though he may never get to meet anyone of them in his life time. Many football fans remain loyal to their club whether they are winning or loosing. I believe that every man, every husband should cheer on his team mate (his spouse) come rain, come shine. If “The Wife”, is the one scoring more goals at the moment by way of earning more, the win is for her family. There is no sense in feeling threatened by her winnings because the victory belongs to her football team( her man, her family). In any case scorers in a team need the other players on the field to be able to achieve goals. Fans celebrate their teams, though they recognize the star players but no star player can stand on his/her own.

Family jersey photo
A great Family Team

I have come to see that when a man allows his woman, wife to spread her wings, and allow her to be the best she can be, she brings home the trophy and winnings. So be the greatest fan of your woman and cheer her on,  the victory belongs to the whole team in the end.

Photo 1 Credit : www.teambath.com

Photo 2 Credit: Jessica Gwozdz Photography . http://jessicagwozdz.com/

By Adebisi Adetunji


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