Typical mother and daughter alone time (Private picture)

My eight year old daughter had a joke to tell me while I was undoing her old hair style in preparation for a new school week. The joke was about a teacher and her students. The teacher had asked them where they think God lived. Many of the kids said, He lived in heaven but one little girl had something different to say. The little girl said, God lived in the bathroom. Amused her teacher asked her why she believed so. Her response was, “Every morning I always hear my daddy say, Oh God why are you still in the bathroom?” I found it really funny and we both laughed about the joke. But as a mother I looked inwards and wondered what impression I am making on my daughter. Some Impressions last a life time.

Joke Credit: Explore Magazine…Beyond the classroom pg. 23, Vol 1. No 1

By Adebisi Adetunji

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