Impressions: The Paradox of Cosmetic Change


I admired her from a distance. Rosemary(not real name) was cute, light in complexion and an average height woman. Everything she wore suited her.  She was what you would call a proper lady. When she had to speak to an audience, they were always held spell bound. Rosemary’s career took her across many countries. She represented the womenfolk and many looked up to her. Anytime she appeared or made an entry into a place her beautiful smile light up everywhere. Everything was going on well for Rosemary but a storm brood in her bosom. She had a secret fear; the fear of getting too old and loosing her husband’s attention. The desire to maintain the admiration of her audience; those who looked up to her and the desire to always be in shape consumed her. She wanted to be prim, proper and perfect. None of us who admired her knew what she was up to until one day, a day which started out on a bright note. I was at work when the news came. It was a breaking news…the news came that Rosemary was gone. She had left all her admirers including I in a terrible shock. Her fear and desire to look perfect ended her bright smile crushing the hope of many women whom she  mentored.  I was shaken but days later when news filtered in about the cause of her death my emotion flowed into disappointment, then anger and finally a sober reflection. Rosemary went to the table of a cosmetic surgeon but never made it through. Like many other women she wanted to  look better; she wanted to be perfect; she felt the need to shed something off or remould in order to maintain that perfect look.

The truth be told: None of us is perfect and none of us will ever be. But while you are on this side of life, live your life being a happy, contented and a satisfied person. It starts with loving yourself as you are though there is room for improvement but not necessarily through a “fatal” move for enhancement. Nature, i mean our biological make up has a cycle. There are different stages of your life and my life. As a child, teenager, middle age, older, aged…enjoy your life. If you were born with a small breast, celebrate the fact that your brazier’s size will not be scarce to get, plus the yard of cloth you’ll have to sew will be minimal(from the African perspective)…saves you money. And if you are endowed with a big breast, Great! Enjoy flaunting it nicely in whatever you wear as it gives you that very womanly shape…(Just trying to make you see the fun/humour in being yourself).

According to a report of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  statistical data for 2014 cosmetic surgery: Women had more than 9.6million cosmetic procedures, which is 90% of the total as opposed to men with 10%- 1million. This means that more women opt for cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their physical appearance and beauty.  Plastic/Cosmetic surgery is a blessing that has come to help correct defects but how we choose to use it in modern day tends towards an attempt to cure our low self esteem; our attempt to look so perfect and make  others admire us. If you already don’t feel good about yourself don’t think a cosmetic surgery will cure it. There will always be something new to correct. In fact maintaining that cosmetic will cost you more money,time, bla…bla..bla. None of us is perfect and none of us will ever be. Be your own first admirer, be comfortable in your skin and i am not talking about colour or race.  It is about accepting and loving everything about you: Your gender, strength, weaknesses, height, shape etc. I am simply concerned about complications that can and sometimes arise doing a cosmetic surgery. So before you make that choice, be sure you are fully informed. You might want to  read up this article by Jenna Goudreau, The Hidden Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery.

The miracle of plastic/cosmetic surgery has made it possible to change or reshape almost if not any part of one’s physique/body. Its intention is to repair or reconstruct a defect or simply to enhance appearance. When it comes to physical appearance and beauty women are more conscious of how they look. Looking good they say is good business and I’d say is serious business.I am for looking good but there is a difference between struggling to get others to love you and Loving yourself- You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Improve yourself through healthy and safe means.

Here is a few lines from my heart on how to love yourself:

Understand who you are

Find your strength and use it

Celebrate your victories

Don’t try to be somebody else, be you

Understand you are you, and you shouldn’t be somebody else, that’s your uniqueness.

You make the world beautiful just being you

Understand that God loves you unconditionally.

By Adebisi Adetunji


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