Introducing Meeeee (blogging101july2015)

DSC05387Hello and welcome to my world. It’s easier to introduce others…what part of me do i share with you? I am a woman…(obviously), who is very passionate and i apply myself to whatever task i have to accomplish. I love writing and i think it comes from all the times i would crawl up on a couch, engrossed with reading one story book or the other as a child. In fact if you wanted to get me to do any chores at home, promise me a story book. I simply traveled to places in the world of the books i read. Not too long i started scribbling down my own stories and thoughts…a bunch of funny write ups, i sat down on the floor laughing about one day while trying to clean my wardrobe as an adult. Today i found myself doing a job that requires me to write loads of scripts week after week…by the way i am a journalist, a broadcaster, producer all intertwined. The best part of my job is that i get to write and tell stories: fiction and reality. So sort of, i have been able to produce a good number of Radio Drama alongside other radio programme formats. Why did i start blogging? It was inspired by a course i attended on Sexual Reproductive health- getting the stories right. I came across stories of real people that left me concerned and i was reminded about stories of other real people whom i had met in the line of my work. So i thought about sharing some of these stories with others and perhaps change a few minds and attitudes. I decided to start a blog site titled,  Femininematerz on WordPress platform in order to share stories of women and girls thereby lending my voice to issues that concerns us as women. But of course, in telling a woman’s story there is always a man around the corner who plays a major role in her experience. So men have a lot to learn from my stories as well. I hope to start other blog sites to write about other things that i am passionate about after this course (blogging101july2015). Have fun reading and feel free to make comments. Glad to have you on my page.


7 thoughts on “Introducing Meeeee (blogging101july2015)

  1. The world needs concerted efforts to tackle the numerous abuse of girls and women in all parts of the world.I believe with mediums like femininematerz, more people will be encouraged to speak out against abuses against the female gender and take steps to STOP IT!

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