A Tribute: Too Tired but i can not rest yet


Tired and worn out, yet i have to be back again tomorrow, to my routine.
I keep the homes of others shinning
I make life easier
I help dry the tears of the little ones in my care
I help clean up after the elderly whose kids are too grown and too busy to do this unattractive chore
I barely get days off

I have to tend to the garden of others so my children would not grow hungry
And though i am expecting another life growing in me, but i can not dare expect to get the much needed break.
To expect a break would mean losing my role, my job
Too tired but i can not rest yet, i must go on.

A tribute to all domestic workers who work so hard to support themselves and families. It is my hope that if you have someone doing your domestic chores,that you make life easier for them. Be kind to them, treat them as fellow humans with dignity. Be fair in wage and please let them have days off and maternity time off if and when they do get pregnant. I once had a domestic help who had to stop working for me when she got pregnant. She was a friendly hardworking woman and i was sorry to let her go. She connected me to another house keeper but after she delivered her baby we remained in contact and i engage her services from time to time giving her a chance to still make some money. Now she is just a phone call away.

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