Winding down after work?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Have You Never Been Mellow?.”

A day at work,editing an audio file

Thinking about how i wind down after work reminds me of how my day looks like. My typical day starts at 5am when i stretch and yawn on my bed not wanting to put my feet on the floor  yet. We say a prayer as a family and the rush begins because we have to leave the house by 6.30am meaning that i  have one and a half hour to cook breakfast and lunch for the kids. Not only that, i have to pack their lunch, get in the shower and get dressed at least put on my dress or suit. Combing of my hair and making up just has to happen in the car or else we’ll be late. Most times my time conscious husband has to blare the horn several times before i finally get out of the house. What I’m i doing? Switching off the lights, making sure the gas cooker is turned off,  iron unplugged, and helping to get a forgotten sweater by one of my children. So many last minutes detail to take care of. Finally i jump into the car beside my husband who  would already have a grouchy look. Meaning i don’t want to be late. So off we go dropping the kids at school and then landing safely at our different places of work. I arrive at what we call BH- Broadcasting house usually all things been equal at 7am or 7.10am.  I begin to prepare for the morning show that i produce plus checking up on other articles i couldn’t finish the day before. After the morning live show,i am off to the studio to do  a recording  and then begin editing on my lap top.In between editing, my boss is calling for one meeting or the other; Students on Industrial Training want me to take a look at an assignment i had given them a day earlier, then i am also asked to attend to producers who are suppose to be vetting commercial tapes but are no where to be found…and on…and on…it goes. Suddenly when it is almost time to head home, i remember that i do not have meat or fish needed for dinner. That means i must stop by a market to get some. And i hate…no dislike markets…in terms of shopping there. Finally market or grocery stores shopping is done on my way home. If it is not a day we go for evening service in church, i am lucky to be home at 5.30pm or 6pm. But if it is one of those days then 8pm is the time, we all get home. Everybody is tired and i am tired through and through but i have to cook. Everyone is saying, what are we having for dinner? And i most times wonder if they don’t know that am worn out too. So super mummy cooks and barely can stand on her feet by the time the deed is done. On top of that i have to clean up until about 10pm or 11pm. Ask me how i wind down again…I simply Doze  off on the couch where i had crashed.

But mostly i wind down on days i don’t doze off by watching a nice heart warming love or comedy movie.


5 thoughts on “Winding down after work?

  1. Super Mommy is right! I am amazed that you are able to get these Blogging assignments done. I will NEVER, EVER complain again about spending too much time learning to do a blog. NEVER! Take care and wishing you sweet dreams this evening.


    • Hmmmn…mothers tend to think they are super moms…i have had to hid this advice sometimes…”slow down and take care of yourself too”. Thank you for taking a peep into my world. Wishing you sweet dreams this evening as well…assuming our time zone is the same…i hope…didn’t check.

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  2. I can very well imagine. The life of a mother and wife. It is an endless cycle. I was actually writing an article on balancing this life which coincides with yours. More strength and grace my sister. It is not easy.


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