I Should Have; Shouldn’t Have


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.”

Make hay while the sun shines, is a wise saying to be remembered all the time or else life can become a journey of regrets later. The question how do i manage my time comes to my mind. A quick lesson from my trip to the hair dresser’s saloon with my daughter:  So we got ready packing everything from Ilari(cutting comb), hair cream, money and so on. I knew having her hair done might take a while so i decided to carry along my small laptop to make good use of the time by catching up on some work. Then i brilliantly decided not to take along my “charger”! This i regretted later and began to murmur in frustration under  my breath when my battery ran down completely. And i was having so much fun catching up on some work. So i looked up and the hair dresser was still busy with one other little girl’s hair-do. Not yet my daughter’s turn. Grumbling i had to walk back home to get my charger…I should have, could have been wiser to take it along in the first place to save myself the stress. It was a time waster too. So off i went with my son who  accompanied me on my long trek back home. At home i quickly picked up my laptop charger and then decided to carry along a drink against an inner prompting that  i shouldn’t. The drink was meant for my children but they  had already taken too much sweet stuff the previous day at a party. But i did take the drink anyway and walked the stretch of our neighborhood to get back to the saloon. A few minutes later after i had settled down tapping away on my now alive laptop, my son comes calling: mum i  want to use the toilet! I got angry at first with him for wanting to go the toilet( to poo) after he had taken that drink of course…then i got angry with myself for not yielding to that earlier intuition. We had to walk back a second time through the stretch all the way home just to use the toilet! Words of regret…I shouldn’t have, i could have… filled my mind…too late. I had to pay the price of not doing what i should have done in the first place( taking my laptop charger) and for doing something i shouldn’t have done( temptation to give my kids another sweet drink that ended up upsetting my son’s stomach).

The lesson for me is: do the right thing at the right time and do not ignore that inner warning or little doubt about not doing something.

4 thoughts on “I Should Have; Shouldn’t Have

  1. Hi eloquentparadise thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog
    I quickly visited your page before replying your comment. I like the fact that you are taking blogging seriously…i see you giving your best to it…beyond the sky is your limit. I must say that you might be my “senior” in this blogging thing. I mean giving it more time than i have been able to…ha..haa..haa. Glad to have met you.


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