Inspiration: Calmness and Peace on the River

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

A boat ride to the source of the River Nile


I dread going anywhere near a river or sea, basically because i can’t swim. A dark shadow in my mind rears its ugly head every time as well ; i lost a brother at sea. So on this beautiful day on a trip to the source of the  River Nile in Uganda, friends and instructors urged me to step into a boat that will take us to the source of the river. I nodded my head to say a vehement No! Then a close pal said, “you might regret not taking this opportunity”. So i closed my eyes and told myself, why not…i love a good challenge and i didn’t want to be told the story of the sight at sea. I can’t even remember who held my hands to help me into the boat. The boat swayed from left to right while others tried to get on board. My heart was in my mouth but my mind was made up. I decided to brave the trip. I sat down on the bench on my side of the boat and refused to move holding tightly at first to the sides while thee boat rocked on the waters. After a while i started to enjoy the ride amidst the cheers and comments of friends and others. They were taking pictures, soon i found my camera and started to click…click away. We got to the spot called the source of the River Nile and men… the water bubbled so hard. Our guides suggested we stepped into the water to take pictures. My thought was…”not on your life”! So i didn’t get down but took pictures of others. I didn’t even realize that i was at sea and having fun too. Although i kept praying, Lord please don’t let me drown at sea o! Finally our boat came ashore and i breath a sigh of relief.

Guess what, a second boat ride took place…yep and i was on the boat. This time though still a bit scary, i went on board and sat down. We went through another route on the river. I was calm, at peace and enjoyed watching a variety of beautiful birds at sea with children swimming along the shore.  I envied them and wished i had learned how to swim as a child. On my inside i was at peace…and very peaceful appreciating the massiveness of the river and basking in the creation of the Most High God.

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