A Woman’s car breaks down and a Man is in trouble

A woman with a her baby strapped on the back trying to dig out sand from under a stuck car

A car got stuck on a heap of sand in a neighbourhood. It was an elderly man driving the car with his two daughters and a baby. All effort to get the car to move proved abortive so they all had to get out of the car to find a solution. One of the old man’s daughter with a baby strapped on her back found a stick and started to dig out the sand right from under a Tyre. The other daughter who by the way happens to be me started clicking away on her camera taking pictures. It was a funny sight but not a funny situation. My sister started laughing while trying to scope the sand away. In her words, “you are not serious (you can’t be serious). We found something to laugh about in our precarious situation. At the end of the day with a lot of sweating a few strong men came to our rescue. A lot of digging and pushing happened but finally the car was rescued from that annoying heap of sand left on the road by owners of an uncompleted building.

The pictures i had taken became a family humour after we left the scene. Well all i could think of while taking these pictures was the irony of how some women know next to nothing about how a car works but they are damn good drivers. Let me paint a scenario: picture a woman on the highway with a broken down vehicle…hahaha…some guy would always pull over and offer to help. Thanks to such gentle men, the car would suddenly come alive because it was a simple mechanical problem. Another interesting angle to it is that many women, (married) would simply solve the problem with just a phone call. Guess who they would call…you got it, the “very lucky husband”, who would hear something like this over the phone: “Honey your car just stopped in the middle of the road”. Now it’s his car not hers. I have had quite a number of my male friends and colleagues grumble about this. One that comes to mind is the sister of a friend who would not even bother to look at the gauge of her car to know when to refill her car’s fuel(Gas) tank. Suddenly the car would cough and come to a halt on the road to anywhere. And guess what, she would call her husband to come and get his car saying that she had no idea what was wrong with it. He would only discover later that the tank was empty. How annoying can it get? Sorry to guys/men who have to deal with us women. Yes i am also guilty of this. I love the freedom i get behind a wheel but i don’t know enough about the necessary car maintenance tips. Most times i am terrified of my car breaking down anywhere…it can be very embarrassing. You would think this will make me to get the necessary information.

So like me as a woman how well do you know your car? It’s important to learn a few car maintenance tips about how a car functions and also be able to know what to do about a simple mechanical fault a car can develop. Some of these things are just avoidable, if we, girls/ladies would just do a morning routine car check. I hope to get down to this business of understanding my car!


6 thoughts on “A Woman’s car breaks down and a Man is in trouble

  1. Yeah, often we just take it for granted that the knight in shinning armour will come to the rescue of the damsel in distress, but a few of us can still change tyres, check the battery, the radiator, the gauge.Some of us instinctively hear ‘a funny sound’, and be able to deduce something is wrong. Here’s a salute to such ‘amazons’!

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