Lists of Care Service Providers for the Elderly in Nigeria

My elderly parents aging gracefully

Lately, I see and hear about a lot of elderly people struggling with health challenges that come with old age. Many children hide their aged mom or dad at home and yet can not care adequately for them. A lot are frustrated with the large turnover of maids they have to hire for their elderly. I am basically through this post trying to provide information about where anyone in need of care services for their elderly can get help in Nigeria. This list was inspired by a story I had written earlier: An Old Woman Imprisoned by her children guarded by an uncontrollable maid.

How can we help the aged age gracefully? It is by being informed about how to care for them.  Below is a list of contacts that might help. I will continue to update the list from time to time as I get more information.

Note: I am not by this post endorsing any of these elderly care service providers. Please make proper inquiry before engaging their services.

  1. Ages Nigeria

(African Gerontology Society), 08036706003

2. Rossetti Care,

Wahabi Olayiwola Layout, Tose, Moniya, Ibadan, Nigeria.
(off the Lagos /Ilorin expressway)
Tel: +234(0) 7068 633 627

3. Wellcare Home Medicals
65, Rasaq Balogun Street,
Off Adebola Street,
Off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: (+234) 01-740 3087

4. Regina Mundi Home for the elderly
142/144 Agege Motor Road,
Mushin, Lagos.
Phone No: 08074588402, 08074589436, 08074589455

5. Winiseph Care Home
326 , Adeyemo Akapo Street, Omole Phase I, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

6. Family Ark Mission: Agency for the Aged (Non- Profit Organization.
Provides services to inspire, enable and support elderly persons.
Contact: Family Ark Mission Centre, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

7. Rock Garden Homes:
Location: 191/193 Okeletu – Ijede Road, Elemu Bus Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone : +234-8144-055-979
Email :
Website :

8. Blue Gate Home Care- HealthCare Agency
51, Jubril Martins Street, Surulere, Lagos
Phone: 07060851423, 08025752474

9. Alpha Nursing Agency – Care for the Aged in their homes
38, Oyewole Street, off Shyllon Street, Ilupeju Palmgroove Lagos.
Phone: 08023215356, 08154782424

10. Divine Senior Citizens Palace

PDCOS  Akoso Ibadan. Down General Gas.

(234) 803-4115168

Contact: 0813587562, 08177319368.12.

12. Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric Center operates rehabilitation services for the elderly: Occupational therapy, meet new friends, day care.University College Hospital, Ibadan

Contact 07030272125

13. Miradora Care Homes

No. 24 Ibironke Crescent,
Maryland, Mende, Lagos,
Phone No: +44 794 9094 076
00234 813 460 1328,

14. Pope John Paul II Good Samaritan Home, Calabar, Rivers State.

15. Blue Torch Home Care Limited


No 2 Chike-Egwuonwu Crescent, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, by Emeka-Abalu Junction along Mike Torey Road.

Tel: 07035774494

16. Assisted Living Homecarers Limited.

Located at 36,Alaafin Avenue, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan. Tel number 0807 6336273,


 Adebisi Adetunji (C)


38 thoughts on “Lists of Care Service Providers for the Elderly in Nigeria

  1. You do not open a care home to make money. You must be trained,having the interest of caring for the aged. Being a nurse does not make you a carer. I had visited some home that in a room ,you have two occupant,an introvert and extrovert ,this is an abuse. Looking after an elderly person ,you must be prepared to offer ,choice,dignity., respect and .privacy. What I see in NIgeria is not what I am trained as a professional carer. It is a pity that no policies in place to work with the elderly in Nigeria,this is the reason ,someone will have untrained person and call them carers.
    We can all come together to put things in place to regularize care providers in the country.

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      • We are a team of graduate nurses just coming up.For now we are stictly into home care nursing.We do not have an assisted living facility so you can contract us to give professional care to your elderly loved one in their/your home.That way,you wouldnt feel the pressure to care for them or the “guilt” of neglet because of the societal beliefs and they wouldnt feel the despair of dependence.
        You have other things calling for your attention(job,relationship,school,family,kids etc),so give that responsibility to us and we do it professionally. we’ll give you constant update such that you feel like a part of the whole care without necessarily feeling the direct pressure.send us a request on watsapp @ 08062858851


  2. Good mrng Bisi we are a new Care Agency for the elderly in Ibadan. We emp!oy and train highly professional individuals. We are taking off in April. Our name is Assisted Living Homecarers Limited. We are located at 36,Alaafin Avenue, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan. Tel number 0807 6336273, e-mail add. Thanks


  3. Together with my siblings we are looking for a permanent Home Care service for our aged parent who is with a heath issue but the question nagging at us is, ‘Is this option an acceptable one in our society and culture?’. Idayat Olu.

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    • Hello Idayat, thanks for stopping by this page and raising your concern. We get a lot of opinion about engaging service providers or putting our aged in a home. In our interviews many elders will like to live in familiar environment, their own home. But some other elders think it is OK, especially when there is a serious health challenge that can not be handled by their children. And sometimes if the children are far away from home then a home might be an option. The essence of an elderly care home is to rid our elders of Loneliness and to also enable them receive care.
      In your own particular case I will suggest that you can higher trained health care providers to come and offer home care services either in your aged parent’s place or yours depending on where mama or baba is staying.
      If it is a serious illness that has made your aged parent immobile then you need to take him/her for expert care.
      Seek out these available carers and discuss your best options. Most importantly regardless of what culture says you love your aged parent and you should seek the best care option to make him /her more comfortable in their old age. So long as you don’t abandon them. If it is a elderly home you eventually choose please ensure that you visit all the time and monitor the carers to ensure that they are offering quality, loving and safe services.
      Hope this is helpful but if you have more questions you can email on

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  4. God bless u for ur good work sir.Pls kindly recommend a good old people home for my mum.She has health challenge I can’t handle alone and I have a baby with me.Pls an affordable one sir because we are managing too.I stay in Abuja.


  5. hun, very nice article and great people we have here. Bisi you are so blessed,my mind is heavy and having a care home for the elderly has been a dream especially when i lost my parents due to lonliness and improper care at 27days interval. can someone pls help me develop and make my dream a reality by helping with the starting point and possible places i can get acurate training concerning adult care. my email address is you


  6. Dear Ms. Modupe,

    Thanks for this v useful blog. It is an area that has long cried out for help beyond the colonial-era OLD PEOPLE’S HOME at Yaba, Lagos. While matters like weddings and related sub-industries have taken off like rockets, ageing people have been left either to themselves or, if they have offsprings who can afford it, they can, at least employ domestic help who would supervise, if a bit, from distant lands.

    It is heartening to read comments here from, especially entrepreneurs who are testing the waters, even if tentatively.

    I feel confident that with our natural tendency towards care and respect for age, those trying to earn a living by helping our older people live a good, healthy and happy old age should find fruitful harvest. They must, however bear in mind that it’s unlikely to be the kind of business that Nigerians like: quick returns with nocommitment to the welfare of the people.



  7. Quite interesting I must say…Am currently on a research mission for old peoples home and I
    Would like to know the challenges associated with running a care home in Nigeria.
    I would also Appreciate Architectural demands (if any) associated with the care homes you know.

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    • Hello Nonso, thanks for stopping by. A few Challenge attached to running an elderly home;
      * Not enough trained carers
      * Funds to provide a top notch facilities with necessary equipments.
      * Acceptance of the idea of engaging carers or enrolling elderly persons in homes when necessary. Society views this as abandoning ones aged.
      * Regulation is also an issue. A bill on care of the elderly was just signed into law recently so we are just going to begin to find our way around the issues.
      * lack of information or knowledge about services available on the care of the elderly makes for low patronage of homes.

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    • Hello Aderonke,
      Thank you for visiting my page and for your kind words too. For now I don’t have any information about vacancy in any of the above listed elderly service providers. However I suggest you visit their website and send an email. Thanks


  8. Hi All, this is an awesome blog to visit. I am happy to visit this. In fact at first i was almost sure there is nothing existing in this space in Nigeria save for what is existing in foreign countries. I am so glad that a few well meaning Nigerians actually have something going. Thank you so much Bisi for throwing insights on this, this is a very helpful blog, i was actually seeking out to confirm where i can take a visit to. For such a venture to thrive in Nigeria we need first sincere and dedicated care givers, who would have a passion to showing care and not just for the money making part of it, we would also need government grant to support the structural development and funding of the needs of the home. Also an introduction of a very good curriculum to engage the minds of the old people would be necessary. Well done and Kudos to ALL. I will love to be part of the vision development of the scheme.


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