Feature: Iya Hannah, A Poultry Attendant Winning Her Battles

Iya Hannah and her kids on the farm

This story was sent in by the employer of Iya Hannah, the woman we are celebrating on femininmaterz in the month of August 2015.

Iya Hannah is a mother of four children. She had her first three kids for her first husband whom she lost to Anaemia. After a while she got married to another man whom I will call Saka but unfortunately he did not have a stable job and was an alcoholic. He did odd jobs such as being a security guard, Gardner etc.

As a result Iya Hannah had to take on the responsibility of fending for the whole family. Her job included paying the rent, children’s school fees and even paying for monies Saka had borrowed from others. Her husband, Saka made disappearing from home a habit. He would be gone for days at a time. Saka would go a borrowing and get into all sorts of trouble before coming home to Iya Hannah. After the birth of the only baby she had for Saka, she decided to go for family planning; this resulted in her being physically assaulted by Saka several times. Iya Hannah ran for her life with her kids.

Iya Hannah unloading poultry feed

She sort work on a farm where she was lucky to get a job as a poultry attendant. Her employer was kind enough to offer her and her kids lodging on the farm. Iya Hannah felt safe and happy on the farm for a while.

Things became unsettled when Saka somehow located Iya Hannah and her kids. He started showing up and threatening her. He even threatened to kidnap the girl she had for him. One day he attacked her, attempting to strangle her and in self – defence she hit him with a big wood on his head, after all it was her territory. Iya Hannah’s employer got the news and came to her rescue. Saka was arrested and warned to never go near her on release. Saka was also required by law to pay a merger sum of N1000 monthly for child support. I wondered what that would do for Iya Hannah and four kids! Saka absconded after this and never showed up again; neither did he pay the monthly child support.

Iya Hannah caring for the birds and picking eggs

Iya Hannah continues to live on the farm fending for herself and her kids. The interesting thing about this now 30yr old mother of four is that she earns N15, 000 a month and had been able to save N50,000 within 5months. This money she sent to her parents whom her oldest child Hannah lives with.

Indeed Iya Hannah is one of the many strong women who in spite of what life had doled at them continue to survive amidst their challenges. Slowly but surely Iya Hannah is winning her battles.

Story sent in by Abiola Adebisi who gave birth to a bouncy baby boy in the early hours of this morning, 20th August! It’s a  double celebration and a very big congratulations to her family from femininematerz.


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