Why I Write

This interesting question; Why Do you write, popped up on my blog Reader. Some of my blogging community friends had written a few lines in response to an assignment for Writing 101. Although i am not  taking this course right now, i couldn’t resist the temptation not say something about why i write. So here are a few reasons for why i write:

Just me typing away on my phone

Writing gives me the freedom to express myself
Writing helps me to share stories about my life’s experiences and that of others
Writing gives me an opportunity to play an advocacy role about societal issues i am concerned about
Writing gives me the leverage to make a difference to the world in my own little way
Writing is an expression of my creative ability to write
Writing is my journey to being an accomplished writer
Writing helps me to download those crazy ideas on paper

Still thinking about other reasons for why i write….

Adebisi Adetunji


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