Fashion Friday: Beads Accessories Trending: Jolivia’s Collection

This is the first blog in the category: Fashion Friday. Meet Jolivia(Her Brand name) who inspired the idea of having a day to transverse the world of fashion.
Jolivia is a student at the University of Ibadan studying, Zoology. She started making bead accessories/jewelries two years ago while in her 2nd year. Beads are small decorative object that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes of materials such as stones, shell, glass, wood, bone, plastic or pearl. In her words she started learning to make beads accessories because she didn’t want to be idle; universities were on strike then. She also had a passion for designing; It started out as a past time/doing what you love but now she is taking care of her school bills/final project with the money she makes from making beads jewelries. Jolivia dreams of becoming an entrepreneur/brand name in the bead accessory making industry as soon as she graduates. Each time I set eyes on her collection, I fall head over heels in love with bead jewelries. So I decided to do a piece on her work to encourage her and as well get people to patronize. Jolivia Beads 3

Beads accessories seem to be trending among the female folk. Instead of gold or silver chains/bracelets, ladies now have a touch of beads to complement their attire. It’s a wide collection that can fit into an office, casual, party and occasional wears.
While growing up every woman wanted badly to invest in gold jewellery. My mum had this very heavy laden gold jewellery which weighted tons. After a while the big heavy weight gold jewellery went out of fashion. People patronized gold smiths to make new easy to wear ones by melting their old gold jewelries. Some others sold theirs to solve serious family financial crunch or simply just made some good money out of their gold jewellery.
I still remember while I was in college/university, girls wanted badly to have gold accessories. It was something to show off. People wore gold ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, nose rings and even  ankle chains. One of my roommates was willing to go as far as getting an aristo (Rich older man) to help her achieve the dream of owning gold jewelries.
Times and seasons  have changed things tremendously. Bead accessories seems to be more trending than gold accessories in most occasions (weddings, birthday parties etc.) these days.

• Beads can be arranged in different patterns and designs as desired.
• They come in different colours which makes it possible to match them right with any type of cloth.
• They are creatively used in designing clothes, garments.
• They are skin friendly; Some people react to gold(skin allergy)
• They are fashionable
• It can be both complex and simple
• Sometimes beads celebrates culture
• Beads are also used for interior decoration
• Some people prefer heavy jewellery to cover their sunken neck and that is workable with beads.

Check out jolivia’s bead collection:

Simple beads Jolivia Beads Web 1
Casual wear
Office wear

Complex beadsJolivia complex beads new

Parties Jolivia Party Beads

Bridal beads Jolivia beads complex

Photos Credit:
You can reach Jolivia on BB Pin: 52FOA857 to order for your stylish beads.

Adebisi Adetunji

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