Sexual Rights of any Child

Art Work: Two Girls and a boy in a bedroom with their mother.

Every child has the right to sex education

Every child needs a listening and available parent

Every child has a right of protection from sexual predators

Every child needs a parent to watch out for house helps with a tendency to abuse that child

Every child has a right to be safe from an uncle, cousin or teacher’s sexual abuse

Every child deserve the right to be able to talk about any unwanted physical touch without being blamed for it

Every child has a right to be protected from pornography. I remember an adult who came on holiday’s to our home who made us watch pornography

Every child has a right to feel safe around her father without fear of being molested

Every child who has been  abused sexually deserve to be shown love and given the necessary therapy to overcome the trauma.

Every sexual predator of children must be made to  face the full consequence of this action under the law

Every child deserve to mature before being married off

Every child who has been sexually assaulted need the adults in their life to take care of the source of the assault quickly.

Stories of fathers who rape their daughters like this one: Father, 40, sexually abuses, 7-year-old daughter. is despicable, heartbreaking and needs to absolutely STOP! Lets join our voices in speaking and taking action against every child sexual abuse.

Photo Credit: Ololade Adetunji (An art done in Primary 4 at Graceful Oaks Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan)

Adebisi Adetunji


11 thoughts on “Sexual Rights of any Child

    • Thanks Alexander(Hope I’m correct calling you by this name) for taking the time to read this post. Nice idea to write a book on sex education for kids. A lot of parents need to know how to comfortably do this. I wish you all the best working on your book.


    • Hi, theeditorsjournal. Thanks for visiting my page. By your question:Do you find this a great problem in Nigeria Adebisi? Are you referring to sexual abuse of kids by fathers/adults? If that is what you mean…yes sexual abuse of kids has become a big issue in recent times…in fact almost every week now newspapers run a story of yet another child who had been raped. The story of one father stands out in recent times and it gave rise to a lot of media attention on the issue of child rape. In my own opinion not enough is been done in addressing this issue adequately. Of course such cases of rape are punishable under the law but who is really enforcing this law? On the other hand people are not willing to report this incidences and follow through in getting justice. Families cover it up because they feel it is a big family shame. And i hear that sometimes when a case of a father who raped his reported, the police tell them that it is a family matter. Meaning they should go and settle it at home! So annoying. Yesterday the news reported that the President’s wife is advocating against child rape…i keep my fingers cross to see what effective measures would be taken. But honestly i think there is need to talk more about this issue in the media continuously not just when another story of rape happens.


      • Interesting. I would have suspected the shame aspect to override the child’s needs and of course what happens in a patriachal society when say an important politician or a village elder does it? Who will challenge them? No one.


  1. theeditorsjournal, sometimes a few people dare to challenge the village elder or politician. It just might not go far except there of course such a story gets leaked to the media and it becomes the talk of the town. But then again it is following through that makes it possible to prosecute perpetrators. Poverty and illiteracy is also another big problem. Sometimes a woman thinks that exposing the abominable act of her husband against their daughter will mean loosing the bread winner of the family.


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