Knock…Knock! Who is there?

Grandma & Granddaughter

Outside the gate: Knock…Knock!

Granddaughter: Who is there?

Grandmother:    It’s grandma…

Granddaughter: (EXCITED CALLS OUT)  Mummy….your mummy 

is at the gate!

Mummy:             (LAUGHS) But she is your grandma.

Granddaughter: Yes…i know but she is your mummy.

Mummy:         ( IN HER HEAD) I forget that i also have a mummy

This conversation took place at my house on the day Grandma(my mum) visited.

Being a mummy can sometimes make you forget that you also have a mummy. Most times i forget that i am also someone’s daughter…(chuckle). When was the last time you showed some love to your mum?

Ok….so  you had a bad experience while growing up. She disappointed you…hurt you…wasn’t there for you….bla…bla…bla.  We can’t control the past but we sure do have a choice in how the present looks. What i am about to say may seem like…”you can’t possibly be asking me to do that”?! Ok…but i am….

Painful as it might seem show some love to your mum, because you are a mummy in the making or already a mummy going to be a grandma yourself soon too. Let go of the past hurt/pain so you can be a better mum.

Grandma, Granddaughter & Mummy(me)

And if you are a mother or grandma who has a strained relationship with your daughter, don’t let fear stop  you from reaching out to  that daughter you hurt so badly. Life is too short to be mad for the rest of your life. Let forgiveness and love wash up the dirt of hurt…it gives you a fresh breath of air.

So knock…knock until you work things out.

Hope this is helpful.

Loads of Love from my heart to you,

Adebisi Adetunji




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