The magic finger makeup artist

Hello there…i have been quiet these past few days, missed you all. First it was having to deal with a number of deadlines, then my internet connection became a little bit of a challenge. So sorry to be behind in posting this…i mean the fashion Friday post! But here it is…meet this fabulous young make up artist. These are her words about herself and why she does what she does plus a few make up tips. Have fun reading my 50th Post!!! Its been exciting…


I’ve always been a lover of art since I was a little girl and I’ve grown to appreciate different genres of art even more, from music to pencil drawing to paintings, to hand crafts, to aerobics, to dance and the likes. However, my keen interest in makeup came to be because this is one area of art that allows one to combine various colours in such a manner that one can convey different emotions both internally and externally. Internally i enjoy watching the height of anxiety and satisfaction my clients feel during and after their makeover. I simply can’t find the words to express the emotion.


Externally because makeup artistry itself has different categories whereby you can have the everyday makeup, to the bridal makeup and the dramatic abstract or runway makeup.


This among other things thrill me about makeup and it surprises people that I didn’t train in any makeup school whenever they ask me.
Being vast in the art of makeup has so many advantages personally and financially. Making up builds self confidence and makes one stand out amongst the crowd. Also, as a profession, the art of make up is a source of income. Even as a student,Β  being a makeup artist gives me independence and financial freedom.


Makeup however has some dos and don’t, especially for those who don’t know the technical application and those who have very sensitive skin. As they say, too much of everything is not good. Thus, makeup should not be worn overnight, one must know the product that works well for one’s skin and one must learn to apply the right product in the right quantity. I am a 400L Law student at the University of Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria and the last child of my parents. I believe God has blessed me with the magic fingers that crafts beautiful faces.


Amazing the magic flowing through the hands of this Law Student. Wish Bolu great success in her career as a makeup artist

Occupation: Student/Makeup artist
Instagram: @lummiesque, @lipsandlashespro
Facebook: Onayemi Boluwabade
For bookings, call 09096718580

Adebisi Adetunji


9 thoughts on “The magic finger makeup artist

  1. Indeed, she has magic fingers. I seldom wear make-up but admire those who do and those who can bring out the best in women. I only wore make-up on special occasion and the last time was my wedding day, I can’t believe I am the woman in my own photograph because of the lovely make-up my friend has done for me as a gift. Please let Onayemi know she is such a wonderful make up artist and I wish and hope success to all her endeavors. πŸ™‚

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