A Baby wrapped delicately in a blanket

Baby photo
Two cute tiny baby feet wrapped in a blue-green aqua knitted

Wrapped delicately in a beautiful blanket
I tried to hold, curdle and love her
As her mother i thought of how best to care for and nurture her
Already familiar with the drill i brazed myself for what lay ahead
There will be many sleepless nights; nights of breastfeeding her
Butterflies in my stomach as i anticipated the excitement of watching her grow
The days of hard work will be many
But i look forward to seeing a growing and blossoming woman
My baby, My blog on her own journey of blossoming into a beautiful flower

Celebrating four months, 52posts and 1,436 hits. Its been a great privilege, pleasure and delight meeting all my new friends in the blogging community. Thank you all for taking the time to visit, read, like and comment. I’ll definitely not forget to appreciate my family and friends who  have been following my posts.

Enjoy your small beginnings as a Great future rises in the horizon as i am enjoying mine.

Hugs, love and kisses

Adebisi Adetunji

Photo Credit: Baby Blanket Stock Photos www.123rf.com


6 thoughts on “A Baby wrapped delicately in a blanket

  1. Mothers indeed are blessed to have a child. I am pretty sure your girl will turn to a young lovely woman and you make her proud my friend Adebisi. I miss the breastfeeding as my baby miss it too but I guess we have to learn to accept the fact that he is now growing. Such time I will always treasure despite lack of sleep. 🙂

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