The real reason why i started blogging

WHITEReading through the stories of seven bloggers from the wordpress about, “what inspired us to begin a blog” stirred me to write this.
It dawned on me that my reason was not just about changing the world and making it better. My blogging escapade was an escape route. I was having this difficult time at work; i got tired of producing some of the programmes that held my audience spell bound. And i am not mincing words…colleagues at work, family, friends and messages from listeners attest to this. I just simply got tired of it all and i wanted a fresh breath of air.

Luckily i went on this course about sexual reproductive health and it had the special package of how to use the social media and blogging. So hurrah i finally laid my hands on something that would help me to express myself; express what i think about issues and more.
Blogging for me represents something i am in control of. I don’t need the approval of my supervisors or “Oga” as we say in Yoruba when referring to our boss to write a blog.
Its my creation, my thing, my way, my space… It also represents a hope for a better future; something i can keep doing whether i change job or retire.

So there i finally admit this to myself and i get to share it with you my friends.

Adebisi Adetunji

Two Elderly Women


One attained the then level of education called the modern school. In her day girls were not sent to school because it is believed that it was a waste of resources since they would eventually get married. So her father refused to send her to school but she was so hungry for an education that she did managed to convince her elder brother who took responsibility for her education. Today this elderly woman can spend her time reading interesting books keeping herself busy and getting informed about the world around her.

The other elderly woman also had the same problem of a society and fathers who didn’t believe in sending a girl to school. In fact they believed that such a girl could easily get pregnant thus compromising her chance of getting a man to marry. She was not as lucky as she didn’t have anyone to speak up for her. The boys in her family went to school while she was left behind. Today she struggles to read even words written in her indigenous language. I could see the pain in her eyes as she tries to make sense of words on the pages of her Bible. She sighs and wished someone had spoken up for her at the beginning of her life’s journey as a girl.

Every girl deserves to go to school!

Photo Credit: Thank you.

Adebisi Adetunji

Oleku – Old school Fashion Trending

Oleku is the Iro and Buba from the 60’s.

Oleku 6os

It is a wrapper(Iro) tied to reach just above the knee and a short sleeve Buba hand. In fact it is what you can call a mini- wrapper just like what is known as a mini skirt. Modern day ladies used to make fun of the older generation when viewing photos of their mum’s Oleku attire including yours sincerely(me). But its amazing how we have now found the oleku style tasteful in modern times. It is now a fashion statement at various occasions.Oleku 1
Oleku is a smart way of wearing the  Buba and Iro attire which was traditionally worn elegantly by tying the wrapper to reach the ankle in length and the Buba is worn as a long sleeve.

Iro and Buba

The length of the wrapper might still be big in size , all the wearer has to do is to stylishly tie it to the preferred length above the knee.

Oleku 2

There are different fabrics that can be used to sew the Oleku style. Fabrics like lace, ankara, Aso ofi would do just fine.

Describing the word Oleku in the English language from my point of view can mean smashing, prim, proper and cute way of wearing the traditional Iro and Buba style. Or simply a statement of an out of the ordinary way of wearing a common style.

Word Glossary

Iro: The Yoruba language word for wrapper( A wide metres of cloth tied around the waist)

Buba: It is the Yoruba word for a blouse worn on a wrapper

Lace: An open delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in a weblike pattern.

Ankara: African print fabric which comes various colourful patterns.

Aso Ofi: Traditionally woven Yoruba cloth used to make different attires.

Photo Credit 1-Nollyview

Photo Credit 2Skinnyhipster

Photo Credit 3 -Toke : beatingbeats

Photo Credit 4 Iamfar

Adebisi Adetunji



Hope is a life line
Reach and grasp, don’t let go so easily
Hope speaks of a better tomorrow
No money in your pocket: hope says abundance is coming
Failing health: hope says you are going to be fine
Child not doing well in school: hope says give it time
Frustrated and stressed: hope says happy days lay ahead
Yet to find true love: hope says its just around the corner

Hope is rising in the horizon.

This is my way of say have a fresh and brand new week filled with new possibilities!

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Adebisi Adetunji

He Loves Me Not Her

BLUE SKYClara sat across James at the table nibbling at her salad in a cosy corner of the exquisite restaurant. She looked out the beautiful window view, spread across the night sky were stars each beaming its light. A shooting star flew by and Clara exclaimed with delight, “did you see that James”! His lips curved out into a warm smile as he softly responded, “baby I’ve got eyes only for you”. Happiness welled up in her bosom as she turned her gaze towards him smiling. His eyes sparkled with love for her. Clara was mesmerized and she started to blush. Whispering, out came from his lips the words that make her world spin every time, “Gosh I love you so much”. James, you make me so happy but… He laid his finger gently on her lips and said, “Soon love…sooner than you think”. Clara closed her eyes and in a brief moment pictured him getting out of her warm bed and returning every night. James knew that he needed to reassure her so he stood up and went to her side. His soft whispers in her ears immediately got her eyelids opened. “Baby I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you in it”. Clara turned to face him, “Its driving me crazy James; us not being able to be together”. “I promise, soon we will be together forever”, James reassures her. If only this feeling of dread in her stomach would just cease. The uncertain look on her face told James that his words were not having the desired effect yet. Her next words soon confirmed it. “I think you still love her”, she said. “Whatever was between us is long gone. Clara it is you I love not her”, James pressed further. “Then why is it taking so long!” she retorted desperately.
James in so many words explained that the divorce would soon be settled and then he and Clara would have nothing in between to separate them forever. The feeling of dread in Clara’s bosom dissolved into thin air as hope of a blissful life with James rose in her heart.

One year later James still hadn’t gotten the courage to go through with the divorce. This is the story of two women caught in a love web craftily woven by one man. Why does a spider spin a web? It does so in order to move around; to nest and sleep in and most importantly to catch a prey that would be devoured as a sumptuous meal. Why would a woman believe that a man who is willing to break his commitment to his wife is someone to entrust her heart to? His “I love you” doesn’t go beyond his lips. And if he does seem to be honest wait until his fire of love grows cold. Seriously think again when a man is willing to leave his wife for you! Don’t ever settle for being a second best, I mean the one that gets to make him happy when he is looking for an excuse to get rid of his wife.

Love does grow cold but that doesn’t mean the fire cannot be rekindled again. Gather your cold coal again, fuel it, light it and fan it into flame. It is amazing to see how a fire once going out gets ablaze again with the right touch. So fan the flame of love in your marriage alive again if it has gone cold. Reach out to your partner; let go of selfishness; be willing to receive some of the blame for your problems….i don’t know what else to say. But I am saying it’s all up to you!

Adebisi Adetunji

Reaching out to make a difference: Tolu Roche


Here is our woman of the month:

She had her secondary education at Queens School Ibadan then went on to the Polytechnic Ibadan to study architecture. A native of Ekiti state in the south west , Nigeria, Tolu Roche moved to live in the United Kingdom and got to the peak of her career as an architect. Life can sometimes take a new turn either by choice or event, Tolu decided to make an impact and choose to go into social care for people with learning disability. In this field she rose to the post of senior management in social care. This inspired her into starting Lifeworth care an organization that  specializes in working with families and individuals that requires care and support in their own homes.

Living away from her home country gave rise to the challenge of caring for her aged parents as she would love to. In her own words as she came visiting from time to time she noticed that some of her friends living abroad had even more serious challenge with caring for their aged parents.

Tolu Roche, though still living in the diaspora decided to take up the task of providing care for the elderly in her home country, Nigeria. Now she is investing time into training others to help provide care for the elderly.


Necessity is the mother of invention

Reach out to make a  difference no matter where you find yourself

Don’t limit yourself to your first degree…so much more that you can be and do!

Adebisi Adetunji

Hats and Styles


No matter what your taste is….there is always a hat for you. So if you want to achieve a different and stylish look throw on a hat


Different types of hats fits into different occasion and seasons:

Summer hats


Beach hats


Winter hats

Winter hats 2Winter hats 3

Winter hats


wedding hats

Wedding hatsWedding Hat

cozy hats for cold days

Cozy hat 1COZY HATS 2

Occasion hats

Ocassion hatsOcassion hats 2


So throw on a hat to complement your dressing and style ladies!

Photo Credits: Subeta Summer Hat

Winter Hats – Winterfashionhouse

Wedding Hat – Derby Hats Pinterest, Fascinators hats

Cozy Hats  Flipeez Hats

Adebisi Adetunji



I am a Girl


I am a girl …O yes a girl

I am a girl who has dreams
I want to be a pilot, flying away to the blue skies
Where the clouds of possibilities lay
I want to be a teacher, teaching the next generation
I want to be a writer,writing my own unique story
I want to go to school, and become
I don’t want to slave away in the kitchen while
my brothers play football or watch TV
I don’t want to be married off to the highest bidder
I don’t want to become a mother until i have blossomed; prepared and ready to face adulthood


I am a girl; fragile but very strong
I am a girl not a dunce but very intelligent to make informed decisions
I am a girl and inside of me lies the next solution to the world’s problems… I want to have the same opportunity as my brother
I am a girl, let me live, let me breath, let me become…


Celebrating Every Girl Child

Adebisi Adetunji

Ori – Great Skin and Hair Moisturizer


If you are thinking of getting something more natural to care for your skin and hair then Ori is what you are looking for. Ori is a milky white or ivory-colored fat extract from the African Shea tree. The fruit nut of the Shea butter nut contains a fatty substance naturally in it. This substance is Rich in Vitamin A, E and F which helps to maintain healthy skin.  The Ori tree has many benefits/uses:

i)Its fruit can be eaten

ii) It produces oil that can be used to cook meals

ii) Ori after been extracted can be used as a body and hair cream

Hair care


Ori used as a hair cream helps to soften hair texture.  When mixed with Adiagbon(Virgin coconut oil or Olive oil it moisturizes the scalp and hair. It also helps to achieve hair growth,  a silky texture and shine.



Skin Care

Ori after been extracted can be used as a body cream.  Many body creams , soaps contain ori (Shea butter). This means the cosmetic industry thrives on Ori.


Ori is also good for taking care of burns, helps to remove scars, stretch marks, rashes eg Ifo, Ela, Used to treat acne.

Photo Credit 1: I appreciate,,, &

Thanks to An ardent user of Ori, Abiola Adebisi who posed for these pictures.

Word Glossary

Ori: Shea Butter

Eela:  Clear white or Reddish skin spots common to babies

Ifo:  Eczema

Adebisi Adetunji



A butterfly trapped in a school bus


A butterfly, beautiful but fragile
A butterfly helping with the pollination process
Beautiful flowers flourish as it moves from one nectar to the other.
A butterfly flies by my window, makes me  smile
Out in the fields children try to catch a butterfly from the many beautiful ones floating around. Butterfly 2

A hand catches a butterfly but on opening it,
The wings were crushed, the little girl felt sad and started to cry
Oh my beautiful butterfly is crushed

A four year old beautiful butterfly was deflowered by a bus driver who took her to school everyday so it went in a  news report.Then i decided to read further about the story. It came down to a horrifying detail. The news report says that the bus driver raped her on a table in her classroom!!! Where were the teachers? Who leaves a toddler in her class alone to be molested by the school bus driver?! Did he drop off all the other students before this incidence? What is the school’s yard stick for employing its drivers?  Many questions besieged my mind. Can’t a parent even feel safe with his or her ward’s school bus service, i asked myself.

On the other hand there are parents who do not engage the services of a school bus. They simply refuse to see the need to ensure that their children get to school safely. I find it amazing that a woman who has a small shop or sells Ate ties a wrapper early in the morning and sends of her 3year – 7year old to school by himself or herself. That is what i see in some Adugbo close by me. These same children would have to cross a quite busy road to get to their school. Soon it will be in the news that a car crushed some school students trying to cross the road by themselves! Or a young child gets raped in some lonely pathway between her house and school. Some would engage the services of an Okada rider to take and bring back their kids to and fro school. This morning i saw two girls on an Okada with the rider struggling to get a balance on a very busy road. A trio danger is involved here: accident, kidnap and rape of such girls by a depraved minded okada rider.

Seriously we need to make going to and been in school safer for children!

Photo Credit: Blue Butterfly- Clipart Panda

Photo 2: Royalty Free stock photo thank you for sharing-

Word Glossary

Wrapper: Big and colourful or plain  West African clothing that can be tied around a woman’s waist like a wrap skirt.

Ate: Petty trading items like biscuits, sweets, tomatoes, etc displayed on a stand or tray.

Adugbo: Neighborhood

Okada: Nigerian local slogan for motorcycle

Okada Rider: Motorcycle rider

Adebisi Adetunji