Tick Tuck!


The alarm clock goes off trying to get me out of bed.
Muttering lazy sleepy words my hands moved to slam the clock shut.
A few seconds again, the alarm goes off louder; this time stampeding me out of bed
Tick Tuck the clock is ticking!

Another Clock Hanging on my wall, reminds me that another day is here
Tick tuck the hand of the clock goes saying:make every second count
Make every minute count; make every hour count!

Tick Tuck it rings in my head, don’t waste any time
Tick tuck…time is money, how much are you going to make today?
Tic Tuck, it depends on how you use me
Tick Tuck it keeps going until midnight when the big alarm goes off

Oh no…time is just never enough nor fair to me!
The day is over says the clock; time to rest
There is time for everything under the sun.

Photo 1 Credit: Bedside Cock.  Amazon.com

Photo 2 Credit: 11points.com

Adebisi Adetunji


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