Ori – Great Skin and Hair Moisturizer


If you are thinking of getting something more natural to care for your skin and hair then Ori is what you are looking for. Ori is a milky white or ivory-colored fat extract from the African Shea tree. The fruit nut of the Shea butter nut contains a fatty substance naturally in it. This substance is Rich in Vitamin A, E and F which helps to maintain healthy skin.  The Ori tree has many benefits/uses:

i)Its fruit can be eaten

ii) It produces oil that can be used to cook meals

ii) Ori after been extracted can be used as a body and hair cream

Hair care


Ori used as a hair cream helps to soften hair texture.  When mixed with Adiagbon(Virgin coconut oil or Olive oil it moisturizes the scalp and hair. It also helps to achieve hair growth,  a silky texture and shine.



Skin Care

Ori after been extracted can be used as a body cream.  Many body creams , soaps contain ori (Shea butter). This means the cosmetic industry thrives on Ori.


Ori is also good for taking care of burns, helps to remove scars, stretch marks, rashes eg Ifo, Ela, Used to treat acne.

Photo Credit 1: I appreciate Kamadora.com, hauschka.com, allthingsherbal.com, tonipayneonline.com &  madrelabs.com.

Thanks to An ardent user of Ori, Abiola Adebisi who posed for these pictures.

Word Glossary

Ori: Shea Butter

Eela:  Clear white or Reddish skin spots common to babies

Ifo:  Eczema

Adebisi Adetunji




3 thoughts on “Ori – Great Skin and Hair Moisturizer

    • Ori is the Yoruba word for what is known as Shea Butter. Cocoa Butter and Shea butter are found in many cosmetic products and they do share similar components. However they are different. Shea butter is mostly gotten from a fruit tree in Africa, while Cocoa butter is from a fruit tree mostly found in America. Both are equally good moisturizers. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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