Reaching out to make a difference: Tolu Roche


Here is our woman of the month:

She had her secondary education at Queens School Ibadan then went on to the Polytechnic Ibadan to study architecture. A native of Ekiti state in the south west , Nigeria, Tolu Roche moved to live in the United Kingdom and got to the peak of her career as an architect. Life can sometimes take a new turn either by choice or event, Tolu decided to make an impact and choose to go into social care for people with learning disability. In this field she rose to the post of senior management in social care. This inspired her into starting Lifeworth care an organization that  specializes in working with families and individuals that requires care and support in their own homes.

Living away from her home country gave rise to the challenge of caring for her aged parents as she would love to. In her own words as she came visiting from time to time she noticed that some of her friends living abroad had even more serious challenge with caring for their aged parents.

Tolu Roche, though still living in the diaspora decided to take up the task of providing care for the elderly in her home country, Nigeria. Now she is investing time into training others to help provide care for the elderly.


Necessity is the mother of invention

Reach out to make a  difference no matter where you find yourself

Don’t limit yourself to your first degree…so much more that you can be and do!

Adebisi Adetunji

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