He Loves Me Not Her

BLUE SKYClara sat across James at the table nibbling at her salad in a cosy corner of the exquisite restaurant. She looked out the beautiful window view, spread across the night sky were stars each beaming its light. A shooting star flew by and Clara exclaimed with delight, “did you see that James”! His lips curved out into a warm smile as he softly responded, “baby I’ve got eyes only for you”. Happiness welled up in her bosom as she turned her gaze towards him smiling. His eyes sparkled with love for her. Clara was mesmerized and she started to blush. Whispering, out came from his lips the words that make her world spin every time, “Gosh I love you so much”. James, you make me so happy but… He laid his finger gently on her lips and said, “Soon love…sooner than you think”. Clara closed her eyes and in a brief moment pictured him getting out of her warm bed and returning every night. James knew that he needed to reassure her so he stood up and went to her side. His soft whispers in her ears immediately got her eyelids opened. “Baby I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you in it”. Clara turned to face him, “Its driving me crazy James; us not being able to be together”. “I promise, soon we will be together forever”, James reassures her. If only this feeling of dread in her stomach would just cease. The uncertain look on her face told James that his words were not having the desired effect yet. Her next words soon confirmed it. “I think you still love her”, she said. “Whatever was between us is long gone. Clara it is you I love not her”, James pressed further. “Then why is it taking so long!” she retorted desperately.
James in so many words explained that the divorce would soon be settled and then he and Clara would have nothing in between to separate them forever. The feeling of dread in Clara’s bosom dissolved into thin air as hope of a blissful life with James rose in her heart.

One year later James still hadn’t gotten the courage to go through with the divorce. This is the story of two women caught in a love web craftily woven by one man. Why does a spider spin a web? It does so in order to move around; to nest and sleep in and most importantly to catch a prey that would be devoured as a sumptuous meal. Why would a woman believe that a man who is willing to break his commitment to his wife is someone to entrust her heart to? His “I love you” doesn’t go beyond his lips. And if he does seem to be honest wait until his fire of love grows cold. Seriously think again when a man is willing to leave his wife for you! Don’t ever settle for being a second best, I mean the one that gets to make him happy when he is looking for an excuse to get rid of his wife.

Love does grow cold but that doesn’t mean the fire cannot be rekindled again. Gather your cold coal again, fuel it, light it and fan it into flame. It is amazing to see how a fire once going out gets ablaze again with the right touch. So fan the flame of love in your marriage alive again if it has gone cold. Reach out to your partner; let go of selfishness; be willing to receive some of the blame for your problems….i don’t know what else to say. But I am saying it’s all up to you!

Adebisi Adetunji


7 thoughts on “He Loves Me Not Her

  1. This > ‘Why would a woman believe that a man who is willing to break his commitment to his wife is someone to entrust her heart to?’ makes me feel that too many woman lack vital intelligence or there is some gene defect or…something. It happens so often and may explain a lot of things that happen to women as a by product. Just putting it out there Bisi!

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    • You are so right…Today’s decisions go a long way to affect tomorrow’s outcome…women need to remember this often! And i wonder why we often don’t put ourselves in the other woman’s shoes. As i see it the name of the game is do unto others what you’ll have them do to you. And for such men…slam him with the hard truth that he is simply a lie.


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