Oleku – Old school Fashion Trending

Oleku is the Iro and Buba from the 60’s.

Oleku 6os

It is a wrapper(Iro) tied to reach just above the knee and a short sleeve Buba hand. In fact it is what you can call a mini- wrapper just like what is known as a mini skirt. Modern day ladies used to make fun of the older generation when viewing photos of their mum’s Oleku attire including yours sincerely(me). But its amazing how we have now found the oleku style tasteful in modern times. It is now a fashion statement at various occasions.Oleku 1
Oleku is a smart way of wearing the  Buba and Iro attire which was traditionally worn elegantly by tying the wrapper to reach the ankle in length and the Buba is worn as a long sleeve.

Iro and Buba

The length of the wrapper might still be big in size , all the wearer has to do is to stylishly tie it to the preferred length above the knee.

Oleku 2

There are different fabrics that can be used to sew the Oleku style. Fabrics like lace, ankara, Aso ofi would do just fine.

Describing the word Oleku in the English language from my point of view can mean smashing, prim, proper and cute way of wearing the traditional Iro and Buba style. Or simply a statement of an out of the ordinary way of wearing a common style.

Word Glossary

Iro: The Yoruba language word for wrapper( A wide metres of cloth tied around the waist)

Buba: It is the Yoruba word for a blouse worn on a wrapper

Lace: An open delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in a weblike pattern.

Ankara: African print fabric which comes various colourful patterns.

Aso Ofi: Traditionally woven Yoruba cloth used to make different attires.

Photo Credit 1-Nollyview

Photo Credit 2Skinnyhipster

Photo Credit 3 -Toke : beatingbeats

Photo Credit 4 Iamfar

Adebisi Adetunji


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