The real reason why i started blogging

WHITEReading through the stories of seven bloggers from the wordpress about, “what inspired us to begin a blog” stirred me to write this.
It dawned on me that my reason was not just about changing the world and making it better. My blogging escapade was an escape route. I was having this difficult time at work; i got tired of producing some of the programmes that held my audience spell bound. And i am not mincing words…colleagues at work, family, friends and messages from listeners attest to this. I just simply got tired of it all and i wanted a fresh breath of air.

Luckily i went on this course about sexual reproductive health and it had the special package of how to use the social media and blogging. So hurrah i finally laid my hands on something that would help me to express myself; express what i think about issues and more.
Blogging for me represents something i am in control of. I don’t need the approval of my supervisors or “Oga” as we say in Yoruba when referring to our boss to write a blog.
Its my creation, my thing, my way, my space… It also represents a hope for a better future; something i can keep doing whether i change job or retire.

So there i finally admit this to myself and i get to share it with you my friends.

Adebisi Adetunji

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