Two Elderly Women


One attained the then level of education called the modern school. In her day girls were not sent to school because it is believed that it was a waste of resources since they would eventually get married. So her father refused to send her to school but she was so hungry for an education that she did managed to convince her elder brother who took responsibility for her education. Today this elderly woman can spend her time reading interesting books keeping herself busy and getting informed about the world around her.

The other elderly woman also had the same problem of a society and fathers who didn’t believe in sending a girl to school. In fact they believed that such a girl could easily get pregnant thus compromising her chance of getting a man to marry. She was not as lucky as she didn’t have anyone to speak up for her. The boys in her family went to school while she was left behind. Today she struggles to read even words written in her indigenous language. I could see the pain in her eyes as she tries to make sense of words on the pages of her Bible. She sighs and wished someone had spoken up for her at the beginning of her life’s journey as a girl.

Every girl deserves to go to school!

Photo Credit: Thank you.

Adebisi Adetunji

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