Why Should women protest against their own?

Senator Aisha Jumai Alhassan

On the 7th November 2015, the election tribunal declares Senator Aisha Jumai Alhassan as the winner of the April 25th gubernatorial poll in Taraba State. This would make her the first elected female governor in Nigeria. Meanwhile the declaration has given rise to a number of protests in the state. Early this morning while listening to the news it was reported that some women in Taraba state protest the sacking of the sitting governor, Darius Ishiaku, a man! What an irony that women protest against the ascent of their own into a leadership position yet we blow trumpets of female emancipation in our political terrain. I cannot help but wonder who these women are: Are they ignorant and impoverished women who would sew Aso Ebi to sing the praises of a political figure for just a few Naira notes thrown their way. In my line of work during political campaigns we see women from the grass root hired as escort to praise sing our politicians during a public outing. At the end of such exercise the women leader gives like N500 or N1000 to each of the women. A friend says that is giving too much credit…sometimes it is as low as N200 with a Congo of rice to take to their poor families!

I am not by this post saying these protesting women are not entitled to their own political views but I cannot but wonder why we as women seem to have a pull her down syndrome. While discussing this same issue with colleagues at work, some said that when a woman has a vested interest in her husband, brother, cousin, father or male acquaintance in taking a leadership position then a fellow woman is a no…no..no. Another person was of the opinion that women are territorial and become easily jealous of each other! The question is, are we really serious about attaining equal rights for women? Seriously we need to pull together in ranks as women instead of breaking the lines which exposes us to the attack of the enemy! I don’t mean that men are our enemies just making an analogy here.

Today 11th November 2015, at the ministerial swearing in ceremony she was named the Minister of Women affairs. I am watching to see how the appeal of the opposing party to her declaration as the winner of the poll turns out!

Word Glossary

Congo of Rice: Bowl for measuring rice at the market for buyers

Aso Ebi: A Fabric or cloth selected by a group for an occasion

Photo Credit: naijatowncrier.com

Adebisi Adetunji

3 thoughts on “Why Should women protest against their own?

  1. I liked that you support free speech of those opposing views, the mindset is too ingrained to shift easily. I completely agree with your take on this and I am almost certain Mrs Alhassan will win in the end as the case is clear even for non legal practitioner like me. If the case collapses because she is named Minister of Women Affairs (title that is questionable) then we know, it is still same old, but w’ll wait, abi?

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