Memories from the hospital…Grateful

Looking down the car park from the third floor of the hospital while trying to catch my breath and rest my throbbing feet. I had been climbing the stairs going about trying to get all the doctors needed for grandpa.I saw a man walking slowly taking a painful step at a time with a walking aid then i remember that this hospital holds great memories for me

In here i celebrated the birth of my two kids…laughter filled our home.


In here i wept and mourned the passing away of a loved one
In here i had visited friends and loved ones recovering from various ailment…thank God all came out healthy.
In here i have worked with my maternal and child health team (Abiye) to help raise funds to help vulnerable mothers, babies and children. VULNERABLE YOUNG MOTHER

A hospital helps to resolve sicknesses that saps away the strength needed to carry on our daily routine.

There are two sides to a hospital:

At a hospital we herald the birth and cries of a new born.
At a hospital we mourn the deaths. While watching people lying on hospital beds in a ward i saw a family weeping over the loose of a family that had just passed on.
A hospital is a mix bag of memories.


So i am grateful that i am alive
I am grateful for the gift of family, friends and all the people God has put in my life.

my brother, friends and I at an award ceremony
My sister, me and cousin

I am grateful for the memories that we all make together
I am grateful for the past, present, future and the possibilities of a great life.
God has been good to me.

Adebisi Adetunji

A Girl’s Story…2

A girl staring into the distance from the film, Lake Los Angeles.

She stood by the road side waving frantically at cars, buses, trucks. “Stop anyone her heart screamed”. Gbade saw the be-deviled lady waving. “what in the world’s name is wrong with her? As he drove by his foot suddenly stepped on his break pad. His fingers stirred his gear towards his reverse point. “I might regret this”, he thought as his car reversed and stopped right in front of her. She jumped in breathless. Her eyes said just get me out of here. The car took off with its Tyre screeching like a car on a rescue mission. She continued to pant as he sped off. “What I’m i doing” Gbade asked himself again.

“Who are you?” Gbade asked but she just seemed lost somewhere not answering him. He held the steering tight as he still drove on asking about what could have happened to her. She doesn’t answer. He took a quick side glance to see her face yet not taking his eyes off the road and the rear mirror watching out for any tail behind him. This time he saw tears flowing down her face then she broke into heavy sobs. He didn’t ask any more questions. Somehow her pain flowed to him so he drove on in silence wondering whether to take her to a police station or a hospital. She looked very fragile.

While Gbade struggled with the best course of action in his thoughts, the silent lips of the woman sitting beside him moved. “There are others”, she said a midst tears. He decided to give her time to unburden her heart, but her lips stopped moving again.
“You can trust me”, he encouraged her to go on. She shook her head and replied, “These people are dangerous”. Gbade’s mind told him trouble lay around the corner but his heart wanted to protect her. “We can go to the police”, Gbade said, offering her a ray of hope. She chuckled and in a pained voice said “You don’t know these people, they are everywhere”.

Gbade pressed her to at least tell him her name. She turned to look at him for a while contemplating whether she could trust him. Then she found her voice and said, “Linda”. Gbade drove on in silence wondering whether that was her real name.

Excerpt from the short story: The Journey

Adebisi Adetunji

Tribute to my city….An Ancient City

The sky grew grey. Sighs of relief went into the air. The rain came down in torrents. A breath of fresh air after it stopped. In the midst of the good feeling in the atmosphere, a cry rent the air. It was coming from around a corner. An old building, 80years old. It wept profusely. When asked what the matter was, It replied, “my roof remains brown even after the rain. I want to have a brand new roof and I thought the rains will wash me clean”. It’s the ancient city of IBADAN, the largest indigenous city in Africa south of Sahara. IBADAN 2


Some say Ibadan city has not changed in its almost 200 years of existence…how wrong…Ibadan city maintains its old structure but new structures are springing up everywhere. Places that once housed bushes have fast become business hubs bubbling with life! IBADAN 1

Photo Credits: Nairaland, thenationonline

Adebisi Adetunji

Tuesday Thoughts…

Island sunrise with bird

I am taking up the challenge of Tuesday trickles by Jacqueline

It is nice to quickly capture ones thoughts on paper…in them lay the everyday life’s lessons. These thoughts flowed through my heart in my early morning spiritual moment. I draw strength from above in order to face each days task. Catch a glimpse of today’s thought:

Those who would stand out will have to be skillful at what they do.

They pay a higher price by paying attention to details

They do not eat what others eat…they eat healthy in order to stay healthy for health is wealth.

They acknowledge the one who has the blue print of their lives…their maker

See a man skillful in his craft he/she would serve kings and not officers of low rank…Proverbs 22:29

Have a marvelous day!!!

Photo Credit: thanks a bunch

Adebisi Adetunji


A Girl’s Story…

A girl staring into the distance from the film, Lake Los Angeles

The prospect of making extra money looked good. I wanted to go back to school. One day when she came home I told Sade that I was interested in the job. She laughed and said it was a tough job and that I was too young but I insisted that I could handle anything. Life was already hard for me.

When we entered the room there were other girls. They looked more gorgeously dressed than I. They all chatted on waiting for something or someone. As I stared around the room wondering why so many girls worked overtime, Sade whispered in my ears, “Here he comes”. I turned and saw him. ….

The man was huge and had a cigar on his hands. He took his time to pull at his cigar , puffed and scanned the room filled with young girls. When his gaze fell on me I felt a shiver run through my spine. Sade whispered into my ears, “He is our employer”. I looked hard at him and wondered what it would be like working for someone like him. “So long as I can make extra cash”, I thought to myself. I did made a lot of money in the end but it came at a price, something I soon discovered.

There was no signing out of this job once one started. Any girl who tries to get out of the business was either found dead or disappears. The man whom I later came to know  to be Mr. Joe took the business seriously. The girls who worked for him had to service his clientele of men most of whom where drug dealers. There was no turning back once a girl enters the room Sade took me into.

Excerpt from the short story: The Journey

Adebisi Adetunji

I met the First Female Professor in Nigeria

Prof Adetowun Ogunseye in her younger years

I and my colleagues had the privilege of paying a visit to the home of a woman of note(The first female professor in Nigeria): Prof Adetowun Felicia Ogunseye. She insists that her first name is Adetowun and not Adetoun as many people tend to believe. This post is not intended to narrate her history but simply a short piece on my impression of this visit. But if you do want a little bit of Adetowun’s history then take a peep at Prince Tunde’s site.  It was an exciting and memorable  trip for me. So I’d like to share it with you.

We entered the old architectural building in a beautiful and serene neighborhood. It was neatly kept, flowers wave their blades as  a cool breeze welcomed i and the team who went to interview Mama at the entrance of the door.

we were ushered into a room full of books on shelves all line up around the room. It held books that told the story of Adetowun’s journey to becoming a professor. All kinds of literature ranging from African history, European history, Who is Who in Africa, music and more … they all stood like soldiers on the shelves with their dusty boots….A rich collection of knowledge neatly cataloged and labelled. I sat with my colleagues on a wooden round table basking in the wealth of knowledge that surrounded us. I wondered if she had read all these books…that’s a whole lot of books to read for anyone! Well Professors are supposed to be readers, aren’t they? Never mind everyone should cultivate the habit of reading books and it has been proven time and time again that Great people, change makers read a lot.

As we waited for Professor Towun to get set for the interview we found out that the house held a collection of over 2000 records of classical music! In her words later she revealed that while her late husband was alive in their hay days they would often have a mini  concert together in their living room. So madam Professor’s life was not all filled with books, she was also romantic at heart and a lover of good music by my judgement.

I and Damola Tinubu interviewing Prof Adetowun Ogunseye

Finally we were asked to come up to the living room upstairs where she was waiting for us. While going up the stairs we started to discuss how this soon to be 90year old woman manage to go up and down the stairs, soon we found out. I had expected an old woman bent over having to move around with a walking stick in a shaky hand. Instead out came a woman walking confidently towards us from one of the rooms smiling brightly. I couldn’t hold myself from expressing my surprise and then paid her a compliment that she looked beautiful. And seriously she still looked good.

Prof Ogunseye soon to be 90years old

Lessons from Madam Adetowun Ogunseye’s wisdom

When asked her about the secret of her healthy good look she revealed that she was from a humble background. Born 1926, her parents were teachers. Adetowun was born in a village in Edo state because at that time there was a festival which pregnant women must not hear the drums so her mother and father were sent to the village.  her parents ensured that she and her siblings were properly fed. So for me as a mother…what I sow now in terms of feeding my children properly with nutritious food will remain embedded even at old age…(words of the elders there)

 In her words, “They say it gives wrinkles but I am lucky no wrinkle…(laughter). Laughter Cheers you more when you are angry before you blow up. Smile more and laughter refreshes not just the soul but the way you look on the outside”. She always smiles because it opens doors for her.

She learned how to use the computer at 70years old. Now she also keeps busy surfing the social media in order to keep abreast of what is happening in the world and also get rid of loneliness: Age is not a hindrance to learning new things; keep up dating yourself

She is first in so many ways: First Nigerian Female to get a degree from Cambridge University; First Female student Yaba High College, Ibadan and First Female Professor in Nigeria. To me this says women can become anything they want to.

Photo Credit: Funmi Chima

Adebisi Adetunji

#GirlLove Challenge: Women who inspire me

When i came across the GirlLove challenge on Lisa’s blog, i was thrilled. I mean this is femininematerz and here we celebrate women and girls while keeping the men close by…I do enjoy the lovely contributions of our male folks.  So here is simply a post about two women who inspire me, one famous and one definitely on her way to fame. And i get the opportunity to talk about 5 female bloggers i love! So come along with me on this exciting  journey….


Famous woman who  inspires me:


This woman is Beautiful, fashionable, out spoken and has won several awards and nominations as an actress.

Why she inspires me: Joke Silvia is good at what she does and i can’t help but fall in love with the way she brings her roles alive in movies. The way she speaks English with a great command of the language. Give her a role to play in a Yoruba (her native language) movie as well, you will know she is a daughter of the land. I have watched are over the years and love how she manages to wao her fans and audience. I also love the fact that she promotes and celebrates womanhood. I call her mama o ni gba…she is never out of fashion! Joke simply knows that looking good is serious business and she knows how to dazzle with her taste in fashion. Ever looking young even at 54. I hope to keep looking more beautiful as i grow older.

So for me she is a woman who has gone all out to be the best she can be, confident and willing to help young up coming actors and actresses as i have heard.


A Real woman in my life who inspires me:


I call her omo-Tosan. I hope she won’t crucify me for doing this but i just couldn’t resist the temptation. This lady is someone who has not allowed her physical challenge affect her in any way. Looking at her a beautiful woman stares you in the face but when we go out together she can not run like the rest of us; she takes her time climbing the staircase. But she is hardworking and is someone that makes things happen! I have seen her work so hard to produce programs that others would not even dare. In fact I’m wondering why she is always in the fore front of hard radio programs. In our society not much is been said about animal rights but Tosan’s love for animals led her into producing the program known as Animal World…i am yet to see any radio station at least in my domain attempt this. My dear friend would visit the zoo, vet doctors and do so much more to bring up a brilliant animal show. Maybe i should call her mama animal world.

I am amazed at how she celebrates life and enjoys herself doing great and new things. She has also been a great and very dear friend who had supported my dreams and goals. When i feel like giving up she says, “common Bisi you can do this, we can do it together”.


5 Women Bloggers i love…so many but I’ll stay within the rules of the challenge:

Lynz is a mother of 9 children- a large and bubbling family is something to enjoy when they are older. Her personal story of her life in Saudi with her husband really touched me. You’ll find a strong woman that had the strength to break free and start afresh. Check out her post Happiness and feel free to peruse her blog.

Jacqueline is simply a wordsmith who has become a dear friend and sister…when i grow up I’d like to be like her…lol. I find her post inspiring, fun and full of depth.  Check out one of her new post “If i was set free” I give her by this post the Award of the blogger with the most comment  on femininematerz 2015!!! Hurray! Means a lot to me.

Dvaal but i now call her dee as my new friend in the blogging community. How so nice to make friends across the world sitting in your room. I appreciate that dee takes time to stop by and i get thrilled every time she tweets a post of mine on twitter. And so here is my opportunity to show some love. I find her posts interesting. Visit her blog and check out this post Irumeur tells you a lot about this lovely woman.

Deborahcrocker: celebrating this woman who has courageously worked on her weight loss with the help of God. I find this to be something new and refreshing. Check out her blog to read more about her honest struggles and victories. Talking to my weight loss counselor- God

Claremary: At retirement she set herself into writing stories and became a publisher of Blackshire tales – Reminds me that anything is possible if you set your heart to it. Read about her personal journey into the world of publishing.

Feel free to dig into this challenge and show a woman/girl blogger some love.

The rules of the game:
Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis.
Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

Photo Credit: Nigeria

Adebisi Adetunji

An endangered Specie


This post Life of a nine year old by Folakemi, just made me realize that girls are largely the endangered specie when it comes to those who serve as house maids. I can’t imagine my 8yr old daughter serving as a house maid!! Ridiculous, mean and wicked! I know we blame poverty as the culprit of parents inability to take care of their children. It is better to have your child go to the farm with you and manage your meager resources than send him/her into slavery.

In some quarters the argument is that these maid services are offered in exchange for giving such a girl an education, trust me this hardly works except in a very few cases: one in 50. I have seen families withdraw a child from her kind boss who wants to give her a future just when she is making progress in school or in learning a trade. Her father, uncle, aunt or whoever is her guardian decides to give off in marriage.

Those who hire house maids seem not to have any law in place to check them. Such housemaids face all kind of abuse and danger. Their madam(boss) decides to keep them under lock and key the whole day so that they would not run away when other members of the family she is serving had gone to school or work. Imagine if such a maid is faced with an emergency such as a fire out break or simply a health problem that is a matter of life and death?! Other maids are beaten and have to live with marks and bruises. Others are denied food as punishment whenever they displease their master and still others service the sexual urge of the husband of madam or any other male in that household.

In the 21st century almost every household needs a help in the house to take care of the burden of household chores but should it be an excuse to be inhumane to a child? Next time you are tempted to thrash that your maid or maltreat her imagine it was your child!

And if you must engage the services of a maid, hire someone old enough not a child!!!

Adebisi Adetunji

How to enjoy the Blogging Community


I believe that what you sow is what you reap. So if you want others to visit your blog, comment, like and share your post do same to others. However this can become overwhelming in time especially if you have many blog you are following or are following you.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy your blogging community experience:
Visit and read others blogs to simply enjoy yourself.
• Note blogs that post what interest you and go there to learn something new.
• Visiting and reading other posts means developing your blogging skills.
• Read to meet new friends and socialize.
• Try a variety of blogs different from your style…and you are on your way to becoming versatile.
• Simply enjoy connecting with and learning from others.
• Visiting other blogs and participating in on-going discussion or commenting is making a statement of being in solidarity with the blogging community.
• You are simply saying hey… I like and support what you do to the other blogger.
• Don’t forget to keep a tab on those who take time to pop in every now and then…show them some love.

Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, liking my blog. It’s a pleasure having you in my world. I’d like to give a shout out to a few of my friends and neighbors. Click on these links and enjoy a new blogging experience :










Have a great weekend ya-all!!

Adebisi Adetunji

Dig deeper and Hit the Gold


Reading through a comment by a dear sister on my post  Yam for Decoration made me smile and sparked the idea of this post. It reminded me also of a movie we were watching last night titled A Brilliant Plan. I am not going into the details of the movie but just about how it relates to this post. The first few pictures of the movie showed a hand digging through a muddy water, then up came the hand with a muddy dirt that would naturally make you go yuk! Soon this dirty fingers began to sort out the sand and out came a precious stone. Then this hand deeps itself into a better looking water to wash this stone…out came a beautiful sparkling tiny diamond stone. I went aw and wao! DIAMOND
Isn’t it amazing that precious stones are found deep in the dirt in the ground. Only those willing to be patient in digging deeper would find it. Getting to the gold or diamond would mean:

  • Getting dirt all over your body
  • Sweating
  • Working hard
  • Going on when others have given up
  • Not giving up on yourself in the face of discouragement
  • Going back to dig another day
  • Patience and Hope that your labor or efforts will yield a great harvest.

On a personal note lately i have been wondering when all my hard work will hit the right mark of a bountiful harvest. Quietly in my thoughts through pictures and words of others around me my heavenly father encourages me to keep on keeping on for it won’t be too long.

To every woman, Girl reading this post keep working at what you know how to do best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the journey of a woman starts and ends in the kitchen. My daughter asked me whether this statement was true and this was my reply: Honey the kitchen is a very important aspect of our lives but there is so much more a woman can still do. You have got to believe that your best is around the corner whether on a relationship, career, business, family level.

To everyone: Anything is still possible, don’t give up on your efforts. Your gold/diamond is around the corner.

Photo Credits: Second Gold Rush at Reed Gold Mine, Midland, NC Thephilillinepride, Dreamatico, Gold Biscuits,


Adebisi Adetunji