Yam for Decoration

New Year morning breakfast things in the kitchen….

A tuber of yam cut into three

Son: Mum the 2 pieces of yam in the cooler is it for decoration?
Mum: Do you guys seriously don’t want mummy to eat?! It’s not for decoration darling.
Son: (Disappointed)
Mum: (In her mind grumbling & smiling ) Haaa…these children

This morning, the 1st Day of January 2016, I lazily got out of bed around 10am to prepare breakfast knowing that I’ll soon be getting messages of “I am hungry, mummy what are we going to eat?” Fried yam with fish stew sounded like a great idea and easy to make…meaning that it will be ready in no time. My daughter said she would prefer boiled yam instead of frying it. But as soon as it was served and I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower before settling down to eat breakfast she and her brother came banging on our bedroom door!

Children: Mummy…mummy!
Mum: (In the bathroom shouts) What is it?!
Children: Can we have more yam?
Mum: (Sighs) I knew that would happen, ok go and help yourself

They did and left only two slices in the cooler. Then my daughter comes knocking at my door again while I was now dressing up.

Daughter: Mum are you still going to eat yam?
Mum: But I haven’t even eaten any yam yet.
Daughter: We didn’t know we thought that you had served yours (feeling guilty)

And that was when she confessed that there were only two pieces left, so I said no problem to ease her worries but I was wondering whether I wouldn’t go without breakfast at this rate. The little left of the big tuber of yam earlier cut and fried was my only hope. While I was cutting the few pieces I could get from it my son showed up asking me whether the two pieces they had managed to save was meant for decoration. I guess they seriously enjoyed the yam and fish stew…so delightful for me as a mother!

Mentally I was reminded of the many times in the out gone year 2015 that I had to sacrifice and eat something else when whatever meal I had prepared was not going to go round. I am thinking, why do mums have to go hungry at times in order to feed their families well? Perhaps my New Year goal should be succeeding at making sure the food goes round; getting everyone adequately fed including Mummy!!!…Ha..haa..haa
We are so grateful to God to be alive and well.

Fire works

Happy New Year to you from my family…. Celebrate with me also as i just made my 100th Post on femininematerz.

Photo Credits: Nigerian Eye & foodfacts mercola

Adebisi Adetunji


9 thoughts on “Yam for Decoration

    • Hi Renae,
      Kids if only adults can be as simple as they are. They quarrel with a friend and few minutes later they are running all over the place playing together. Now you are making me feel like a chef…ha…ha..ha…ok I’ll work on posting my fish recipe soon. Glad to make your acquaintance and so delighted to have you visit my blog.Happy new year too!


  1. I have never commented but read your posts with interest. Nice work you are doing. Like several mother…I also know we did similar things to our parents and they enjoyed our pranks and even spanked us enjoying that too…the pankeres. Well, some say they work cos of their children, do you believe this? I don’t but l believe we should give them the best things including the best spanking when necessary. Women, lets take care of ourselves.
    Happy new year.


    • Haa.hhaa finally i got you to comment…means a lot to me! I guess it goes to say…”keeping doing your best;keep hitting the mark and someday soon, you’ll hit the gold”. (Another blog idea i suppose). I totally agree with you that mums have to take care of themselves too! (Another post idea there too) I sincerely wish you a blessed, fruitful and memorable new year!!!


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