Dig deeper and Hit the Gold


Reading through a comment by a dear sister on my post  Yam for Decoration made me smile and sparked the idea of this post. It reminded me also of a movie we were watching last night titled A Brilliant Plan. I am not going into the details of the movie but just about how it relates to this post. The first few pictures of the movie showed a hand digging through a muddy water, then up came the hand with a muddy dirt that would naturally make you go yuk! Soon this dirty fingers began to sort out the sand and out came a precious stone. Then this hand deeps itself into a better looking water to wash this stone…out came a beautiful sparkling tiny diamond stone. I went aw and wao! DIAMOND
Isn’t it amazing that precious stones are found deep in the dirt in the ground. Only those willing to be patient in digging deeper would find it. Getting to the gold or diamond would mean:

  • Getting dirt all over your body
  • Sweating
  • Working hard
  • Going on when others have given up
  • Not giving up on yourself in the face of discouragement
  • Going back to dig another day
  • Patience and Hope that your labor or efforts will yield a great harvest.

On a personal note lately i have been wondering when all my hard work will hit the right mark of a bountiful harvest. Quietly in my thoughts through pictures and words of others around me my heavenly father encourages me to keep on keeping on for it won’t be too long.

To every woman, Girl reading this post keep working at what you know how to do best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the journey of a woman starts and ends in the kitchen. My daughter asked me whether this statement was true and this was my reply: Honey the kitchen is a very important aspect of our lives but there is so much more a woman can still do. You have got to believe that your best is around the corner whether on a relationship, career, business, family level.

To everyone: Anything is still possible, don’t give up on your efforts. Your gold/diamond is around the corner.

Photo Credits: Second Gold Rush at Reed Gold Mine, Midland, NC Thephilillinepride, Dreamatico, Gold Biscuits,


Adebisi Adetunji



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