A Girl’s Story…

A girl staring into the distance from the film, Lake Los Angeles

The prospect of making extra money looked good. I wanted to go back to school. One day when she came home I told Sade that I was interested in the job. She laughed and said it was a tough job and that I was too young but I insisted that I could handle anything. Life was already hard for me.

When we entered the room there were other girls. They looked more gorgeously dressed than I. They all chatted on waiting for something or someone. As I stared around the room wondering why so many girls worked overtime, Sade whispered in my ears, “Here he comes”. I turned and saw him. ….

The man was huge and had a cigar on his hands. He took his time to pull at his cigar , puffed and scanned the room filled with young girls. When his gaze fell on me I felt a shiver run through my spine. Sade whispered into my ears, “He is our employer”. I looked hard at him and wondered what it would be like working for someone like him. “So long as I can make extra cash”, I thought to myself. I did made a lot of money in the end but it came at a price, something I soon discovered.

There was no signing out of this job once one started. Any girl who tries to get out of the business was either found dead or disappears. The man whom I later came to know  to be Mr. Joe took the business seriously. The girls who worked for him had to service his clientele of men most of whom where drug dealers. There was no turning back once a girl enters the room Sade took me into.

Excerpt from the short story: The Journey

Adebisi Adetunji


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