A Girl’s Story…2

A girl staring into the distance from the film, Lake Los Angeles.

She stood by the road side waving frantically at cars, buses, trucks. “Stop anyone her heart screamed”. Gbade saw the be-deviled lady waving. “what in the world’s name is wrong with her? As he drove by his foot suddenly stepped on his break pad. His fingers stirred his gear towards his reverse point. “I might regret this”, he thought as his car reversed and stopped right in front of her. She jumped in breathless. Her eyes said just get me out of here. The car took off with its Tyre screeching like a car on a rescue mission. She continued to pant as he sped off. “What I’m i doing” Gbade asked himself again.

“Who are you?” Gbade asked but she just seemed lost somewhere not answering him. He held the steering tight as he still drove on asking about what could have happened to her. She doesn’t answer. He took a quick side glance to see her face yet not taking his eyes off the road and the rear mirror watching out for any tail behind him. This time he saw tears flowing down her face then she broke into heavy sobs. He didn’t ask any more questions. Somehow her pain flowed to him so he drove on in silence wondering whether to take her to a police station or a hospital. She looked very fragile.

While Gbade struggled with the best course of action in his thoughts, the silent lips of the woman sitting beside him moved. “There are others”, she said a midst tears. He decided to give her time to unburden her heart, but her lips stopped moving again.
“You can trust me”, he encouraged her to go on. She shook her head and replied, “These people are dangerous”. Gbade’s mind told him trouble lay around the corner but his heart wanted to protect her. “We can go to the police”, Gbade said, offering her a ray of hope. She chuckled and in a pained voice said “You don’t know these people, they are everywhere”.

Gbade pressed her to at least tell him her name. She turned to look at him for a while contemplating whether she could trust him. Then she found her voice and said, “Linda”. Gbade drove on in silence wondering whether that was her real name.

Excerpt from the short story: The Journey

Adebisi Adetunji


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