Memories from the hospital…Grateful

Looking down the car park from the third floor of the hospital while trying to catch my breath and rest my throbbing feet. I had been climbing the stairs going about trying to get all the doctors needed for grandpa.I saw a man walking slowly taking a painful step at a time with a walking aid then i remember that this hospital holds great memories for me

In here i celebrated the birth of my two kids…laughter filled our home.


In here i wept and mourned the passing away of a loved one
In here i had visited friends and loved ones recovering from various ailment…thank God all came out healthy.
In here i have worked with my maternal and child health team (Abiye) to help raise funds to help vulnerable mothers, babies and children. VULNERABLE YOUNG MOTHER

A hospital helps to resolve sicknesses that saps away the strength needed to carry on our daily routine.

There are two sides to a hospital:

At a hospital we herald the birth and cries of a new born.
At a hospital we mourn the deaths. While watching people lying on hospital beds in a ward i saw a family weeping over the loose of a family that had just passed on.
A hospital is a mix bag of memories.


So i am grateful that i am alive
I am grateful for the gift of family, friends and all the people God has put in my life.

my brother, friends and I at an award ceremony
My sister, me and cousin

I am grateful for the memories that we all make together
I am grateful for the past, present, future and the possibilities of a great life.
God has been good to me.

Adebisi Adetunji


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