Leaping in on leap Year

A classic case of a woman who proposed to her beloved on the 29th February…A Leap year. I found it intriguing! Happy Anniversary Ellen.



I controversially asked for my husbands hand last leap year 2012.
On the twenty seventh of February I asked his mother  how she would feel, “if it would cause you any problem at all,” said the nervous I, “we can continue as normal and he need never know”. I heard myself delivering  her an exit an escape route.
She heard me out, her piercing blue eyes looking above her spectacles she watched with an intensity of an opthalmic instrument. When I had finished she asked what I would do if he said no. “I will continue to love him as long as he wants me to”. I said.
She closed her book stood up she looked down at my four foot eleven frame and said “You’ll do.” Nodded towards the door and said “close the door on the way out won’t you?”
This lady, born in ninteen eighteen had lived…

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Interesting things about “A Leap Year”

LEAPYEARWhy Every four years: Leap years help to synchronize our calendar with the earths orbit around the sun. This is because it takes 3651/4 or 365.25 days for the sun to orbit around the sun hence the need for a four year count to make up for 366days.
Leap days were first added to the Julian Calendar in 46BC by Julius Cesar.

Leap Year Proposals: It is believed in some traditions and culture that 29th February is the traditional day for women  to propose to men. For example in Finland, Finnish women very in much in-love propose to  the love of their lives and if the man refuses he has to make retribution to the brave lady by buying her enough fabric to make a skirt out of. The UK and Ireland also practice this custom but the man doesn’t have to buy anything to placate the woman if he chooses to refuse her marriage proposal.

Leap Year babies and birthdays: People born on the 29th February are referred to as leapers or  leaplings and they get to celebrate their birthdays once every four years on the actual date.  so i guess today is a big celebration for all leap year babies! Happy birthday…Hugs and kisses. Next year it will be a 28th February or 1st March birthday bash.

Legal attainment for leaplings: In some countries Leap year adults get their drivers license on the 28th February or 1st of March depending on their laws.

Family Generation of leaplings: How would you like to produce 3 generations born on a leap year? Well the Keogh’s family did it. According to a Guinness book world record this family produced three consecutive generations born on the 29th February. It all started with Patric Anthony born on 29th Feb 1940, then his son Peter Eric (1964) and finally his grand daughter Bethany Wealth (1996) Awesome…it will be a family bumper party every four years.

Some famous women born on 29th Feb:

Dinah Shore (1916-1994) – Pop Singer

Hannah Mills- Sailor

Tempest Storm – Movie Actress

Interesting definitions of the word LEAP:
1 – To propel oneself quickly upward or forward according to the free Dictionary
2- To make a large jump or sudden movement from one place to the other. (Cambridge Dictionary)
3 – To spring through the air from one point or position to the other.
4- It also means jump

My point of view:
Take a Leap- Move from that spot
Take a jump over that thing that separates you from your next destination.
Be courageous and bold to take that step

If you must move to a new position or go to your next level, you must take a LEAP!

Photo Credit: Special thanks to Leap Year stock illustration (www.123rf.com)

Adebisi Adetunji

Women’s health

Do you know that women are more at risk of developing Osteoporosis than men? This risk is higher after menopause.

What Osteoporosis means – It is a diseases that makes the bone thin, porous and fragile.

Symptoms: It usually starts silently and goes un0ticed until a fracture occurs. Signs include back pain as a result of a fracture or broken vertebra, continuous reduction in height, stooped posture.  Osteoporosis occurs usually around the hip, spine or wrist.

After age 30 our body stops producing new bones. Although your body continues to replace old bone cells but there will no longer be increase in bone mass.  Now is the time to learn how to maintain and keep a healthy bone as a woman.


Two major nutrients needed to maintain a healthy bone: Calcium and Vitamin D

Foods rich in calcium: Diary products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. ii) Leafy greens, fruits, seafood, legumes,fortified cereals( corn flakes)

Foods rich in Vitamin D: Beef liver, Cheese, Egg yolks, Soy milk, cereals, mushroom, fatty fish(smoked salmon, sardine, mackerel), hard boiled eggs. Vitamin D is also naturally gotten when you expose your skin to the early morning sun before mid-day usually.

So eat right and exercise right to maintain healthy bones as you get older.

Adebisi Adetunji


It’s a birthday bash…come and have fun!

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

I spent some time wondering how to celebrate my birthday (2nd March) with you, I was encouraged by Jacqueline and her party and thought you know what I will never know till I do it, so 2nd march I shall be holding a meet and greet party.

There it is I am doing it, its out there. I would love you all to come, I am bringing cookies, but you have to bring your own drinks (and presents)

please share the love and reblog this the more presents people the better

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Gold Star Performer Winner of Farm Radio International


Yipeee ….I am a Gold Star winner….Celebrate with me. I say a big congratulations to everyone else who worked hard and won especially my colleague Oluwaseun Akinola!!!  My appreciation also goes  to the trainers at Farm Radio International. This was one e-course program that i had to push myself all the way. Nothing good comes easy they say but the end result makes it worth your while.

Below is an excerpt of the original announcement:
Announcing the winners of the 2015 Farmer program e-course!
by Blythe McKay – Friday, 19 February 2016, 7:46 PM

Dear all,

On behalf of Farm Radio International, I’m delighted to announce the winners of the 2015 Farmer program e-course, as well as those who complete the course. There are two categories of winners – gold star performers for people who submitted exceptional work, and silver star performers for people who did good work.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that successfully completed the course. I know you all went out of your way to work hard on this course and the real winners will be your farming audiences!

Gold star performers

The following participants submitted excellent final assignments and will receive $100 CDN in mobile credit, an audience map for their station, and a certificate of course completion.

Abdul-Nayaru Froko from Radio Upper West, Ghana
Adebisi Adetunji from Premier FM, Nigeria
Alex Wandeba from the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation
Andrew Kyuki from Dodoma FM, Tanzania
Apamaku Gaetano from Radio Pacis, Uganda
Gideon K.S. Osei from ADARS FM, Ghana
Godfred Aweligiya from Nabiina Community Radio, Ghana
Martin Mongusho from Kapchorwa Trinity Radio, Uganda
Oluwaseun Akinola from Premier FM, Nigeria
Rashid Muzungyo from Kapchorwa Trinity Radio, Uganda
Regina Suwie Asengmang from Radio Progress, Ghana
Tamara Chebet from Kapchorwa Trinity Radio, Uganda

Adebisi Adetunji