A Bride’s First Night experience

A growing concern for some women and some men just don’t understand why their woman detest…what? Ok read this story first and see what i mean.

A Typical  Bride in Nigeria
A Typical Bride in Nigeria

Finally the wedding day arrived and the hunters fired shots into the air, signifying that one of their own was about to take a bride. Women danced and children were excited at the amount of food there was to eat. At sunset, I was escorted by my maiden friends who helped me to carry my cooking pots, calabashes, cloths and all the things I needed to take to my new home. I did not forget to take along my beloved mirror. I wanted to make myself beautiful in front of it every day for my husband. We arrived at Manya’s family compound, a midst loud chanting.

The women received me and took me to a room in Manya’s hut. They giggled as they left and shut the door behind them. I was about to become a woman, as mama had explained. I became afraid and tense wondering what the first night with my husband would be like. It was a long time before I heard the door opening. Manya came towards me. He was drunk. That night, a pain engulfed my whole body; a pain like I had never experienced before.

Days later, I was still limping from my first night with Manya. Mother said, a good wife must always make herself available to her man whenever he needs her.   But why did it hurt so badly every time? I wanted to always make him happy. “Only a strong woman can keep a strong man”, she said, but I dreaded each time we were together.

A wedding night consummation of love should not result into maiming the bride. How many men are taught the art of been gentle with their women when it comes to sex? Sex is not all about satisfying the man it should be a mutual satisfaction. How gentle are you in bed with your wife? Is it just a rush in and rush out? Couples need to get sex education before venturing into marriage.

Excerpt from the short story: Face in the mirror

Adebisi Adetunji


13 thoughts on “A Bride’s First Night experience

  1. So sad! My thoughts go out to the poor women that have to go through this. You are right, this is not at all how sex should be handled. Written so tenderly and powerfully.


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