A Mother on the run

Recently i heard this true life story and found it amusing but i also realize the seriousness of the issue. So follow me and read the story:


A mother whom i would call Kikelomo is happily married to her dear husband who loved her and their girls however one thing cast a shadow on their relationship.

Every time Kikelomo gave birth her mother in-law showed up to perform a family tradition. Every girl born into their lineage must undergo the necessary rites of circumcision. Unfortunately Kikelomo kept giving birth to girls and every time her mother in-law showed up a battle ensued in their home. Kikelomo fought tooth and nail to prevent her two girls from going through this gruesome practice but every time her mother in-law’s wish prevailed. She tried to make her husband see what carrying out the circumcision meant to their health and future but he was a strong believer in his family’s long aged practice. After their second baby girl was circumcised the little girl fell ill and it took sometime before she recovered that was when Kikelomo promised herself that it won’t ever happen again!

Kikelomo  began to dread getting pregnant but she did again. All through the period of her pregnancy she was tensed and when she found out through a scan that they were expecting another baby girl she knew it was time to fight back.

Finally her day of delivery came and she had a healthy baby girl. Kikelomo smiled and thought of what her plan would mean to her family but it had to be done. As far as she was concerned it was the only way out. She never went back home; in fact her husband on returning to the hospital to take his wife and baby home found an empty hospital bed. He found out a few days later that his wife and baby girl were now in France – out of the country. He couldn’t believe that she would go to that length to  protect their baby girl from been circumcised.

As i listened to this woman’s story i couldn’t hold a smile and i said out aloud…“she made a smart move”. Thank  God she could at least afford the trip. They say desperate times call for desperate measures, Kikelomo was desperate enough to protect her girl from been circumcised. I don’t know how this family ended up sorting out the matter and i wondered whether her husband finally realize that it was indeed a serious matter.

Some reasons people give for carrying out Female Genital Mutilation is unbelievable. In my culture i have heard that girls are made to go through circumcision so that they would not be sexually promiscuous. What an ignorant ideology!

Take a look at some costly effect of FGM on girls:

  • Complications can occur leading to bleeding
  • High risk of been infected with HIV
  • Complications during childbirth later in life (Prolonged labor)
  • Urinary track  infection, VVF
  • Complete Virgina obstruction can occur
  • Psychological effect such as anxiety and depression, lack of trust for  carers, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Protect girls from female genital mutilation!

Young girls dressed in Fulani attire dancing 

For more up-date on questions about FGM,you can check out UNPA

Photo Credit: Thank  you wierdlittleworlds.com

Adebisi Adetunji


6 thoughts on “A Mother on the run

  1. Good for Kikelomo. While educating men on this issue is important, I have always believed it is the women we need to empower, they can find the way out to protect their girls. It is just wrong on many lelels.

    Thanks for sharing ‘Bisi, hopefully many more women who know better will keep raising awareness.

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