Valentine: an in-expensive one


Share an ice cream with someone you love
Take a walk together in a park just laughing about anything
Watch an old or latest romance movie together
And hey spread the net of your love to your mum,dad, kids, siblings,friends, colleagues and even your enemy!

Valentine doesn’t have to be expensive…

Diy Valentine Gifts


Love you loads,

Adebisi Adetunji


21 thoughts on “Valentine: an in-expensive one

  1. Hallo Bisi 🙂 Thank you for introducing yourself to me. I like the sentiments you express in your post – love cannot be valued in monetary terms and is the best gift, along with time and other priceless, precious things. It’s very nice to meet you at Jackie’s blogparty and I hope you have a very nice weekend 🙂


  2. I got me some Ice cream for this Boys, cooking up my special recipe later on. Valentine shouldn’t be about going overboard to tear “pocket”. It’s the thoughts and the little things that count.
    Lovely Post Bisi.


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