Teach me how to paint BIG

I am blown away by Catherine’s(My new friend) work of art. I am also touched by the fact that she gave her time into teaching children in Nepal English. We can all share our gifts with others in our communities and around the world. So next time you want to belittle your gift…think again. Well look how colorful the walls of this school became after Cat’s fingers did the magic. Well done girl!

Tuesday’s Thoughts


Thought from Proverbs 1:19

Why kill so you can get
Why cheat so you can win
Why pull down another so you can rise
Why destroy so you can rule
Why spoil others happiness so you can have

Life is not all about you, think of making another happy then you can truly enjoy your own happiness. You might just be digging your own pit when you pull others down.

Wait patiently to get yours, for he who waits wins in the end.

This is in response to Jacqueline’s Tuesday Trickles

Adebisi Adetunji

Arrows Pierced Her Heart: Her Pain, The World’s FREEDOM


The joy of any mother is to watch her toddler grow up to become a grown man or woman fulfilling his or her potential. How is it then that a woman conceives a child that would later be a source of heart wrenching pain?

The story of this one woman makes me to ask a question
Do we birth a child only to give him/her up for humanity?
As women we hold our babies so close to our heart and watch over their growth. No matter how much we love them they would leave the nest one day. But a mother is at ease and rest when she knows that her children are safe wherever they might be.

They say no one is here on earth without a purpose. So every child born into planet earth has a purpose designed by the creator.
This woman in my story received news that her baby had a great purpose that would change the course of history…her baby’s purpose would save humanity but in fulfilling this assignment her heart will be pierced with arrows. Difficult future to look forward to but she hanged on hoping for the best.

Her baby arrived the world and his birth brought strange men and signs to her home. His life was threatened even as a baby but divine intervention saved him. Her baby grew up to become a man and became a source of joy to many but an object of envy, jealousy and hatred to the leadership of her day. She watched on and prayed so hard that her son will be safe.

One day while at home, she heard the news; her worst fear, the prophecy about her child had come to pass. She braced up herself for what was to come. Her baby…for he was still her baby even though he was a grown man went through a most horrifying torture. He was bleeding all over, she wanted to use her shawl to wipe the blood and touch his head to sooth him but the soldiers would pushed her away. She hit her face in the sand but quickly she gets up again and followed on in the crowd as her son was been led to the slaughter.

Her friends tried to drag her away, it was a sight a mother should never see but she was determined to watch him fulfill his purpose…she had to be there to say I am with you, I support you even though my heart is torn in different directions.

Finally their eyes locked…mother and son. His eyes said mother I am doing this for you and the entire world’s freedom. She understood but she couldn’t stop the pain from squeezing her heart out. He reached out to her through his voice …”woman behold your son”. She turned towards the direction of his eyes, the disciple whom he loved was standing there. This time she bent over with her hands covering her face weeping profusely and her new son held her in an embrace.

Soon the sky grew grey and thunder lighted up the sky in quick successions. She heard her son in a loud voice crying out…”It is finished”. He gave up the ghost. Her son gave humanity life through his death. Days later she heard news of his resurrection.

You want to have fresh start in life in spite of all the mess in your life?

You want to have new meaning and fulfill your purpose?

You are hurting so badly and need healing?

You want to live forever and never know sorrow and pain again? Then simply believe.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only son(Jesus) That whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Here is a prototype prayer I said so many years ago that gave me purpose and changed my life giving me the assurance of God’s love and eternal life:

Heavenly father thank you for sending Jesus to give me freedom from sin, pain and sorrow. Clean up my mess, forgive me of my sin, give me new purpose, give me a fresh start, heal my pain and hurt, deliver me from this addiction. Lord I believe and accept your love and freedom in Jesus.

Happy Easter – We can all have a new beginning.
Adebisi Adetunji

My Candid Opinion about Queens College Girls Protest


In the news a few days ago girls from Queens college Yaba Lagos protested an alleged sexual assault against one of their teacher Mr Olaseni Oshifala. A report alleged that Oshifala had molested a JSS 2 pupil while in a drunken state when she left her hostel to use the toilet.

A number of reactions has continued to pour in since this protest. There are those who are in support of what these girls did while another group believe that the protest was needless and an abuse of the students whose parent’s permission were not sought before embarking on the said protest. Some others believe that it is an attack on Mr Oshifala’s “good reputation”. While the matter is still been investigated to get the details of what is true and what is not true, i say there is no smoke without fire.

In my own opinion something must have been happening and no one had been listening. Whether it is a Mr Oshifala or another teacher who might have been sexually molesting some girls in the school, certainly proper attention had not been paid to protect girls from this kind of abuse. Most times when a teacher whom a girl look up to start making sexual advances, the question of who to tell is a big issue.

I remember while in secondary school we had a very brilliant and supposedly disciplinarian teacher whom every student feared and respected. He had this seemingly untainted image but unknowingly to the school authority he had eyes for some of us girls. A close friend of mine was molested by this “Mr nice and disciplined teacher”. He would summon her every now and then to his office and blab about nothing tangible. My friend started to talk to us about her concern and we all became worried. We didn’t know who to tell; none of us wanted to be victimized or thought of as wanting to mess up the good image of Mr intelligent and brilliant. One day he even tried to make out with her and she had to run around in his office with him chasing her until she managed to escape. She told us again and still we couldn’t tell anyone. We all finally decided that whenever Mr nice and intelligent sends for my friend one or two of us would accompany her to his office. If he did not allow us in , we made sure he knew we were outside. It was a case of standing up for each other applying our own little girly wisdom. Mr Nice did not get any further at molesting my friend but who knows how many other girls he successfully sexually harassed during our time and after we graduated to various tertiary institutions.

My point is this, girls who are sexually molested in our secondary schools don’t always have someone they can talk to when facing sexual assault or molestation. It is only very few of these cases that gets attention.

This is the first time i will hear about school girls protesting about charges of molestation even though they said the Mr Oshifala was not guilty of the offense. Sexual assault of female students by their teachers is as old as the start of education itself. No girl would dare report these cases. It is unheard of in our African/Nigerian culture.

In my day we could not report our Mr Nice and intelligent. Do we have to wait until things get out of hand before school authorities put in place measures that allows for report and redress of cases of molestation by teachers or anyone in school?

Society always think that kids are not able to or should not speak up for themselves! I say if us adult are not protecting them as we should then they have to shout to be heard. I believe that there is something to be concerned about in this protest. Instead of shutting the issue down through blame game, all those concerned with addressing the issue should investigate this matter and ensure that sexual molestation is stamped out now. Remember tomorrow it my be your daughter or grand-daughter or even niece.

Time to start listening to our children.

Photo Credit: http://www.punchng.com

Adebisi Adetunji

A Baby in Detention

It’s dark but cozy in here
I hear voices speaking on the outside
One voice stands out, she sings to me on some days
She prays for me at times; she rubs my back throw the walls that separates us

I begin to hear strange voices
I tumble over in my little abode
I hear a soft moan at first of that once soothing voice
Then i hear a loud cry, i shiver
Is she safe, I’m i safe

There is a calm but her soothing voice doesn’t sing to me anymore
Something is wrong, i wish i knew what was wrong
Maybe when i am ripe to come out of my abode
Maybe when we finally meet i can make her sing again

The day came and my descent through the canal started
It was rough but i pressed on
Finally the first breath of air filled my lungs and i cried out aloud

A rough hand carried me, cleaned me hurriedly and threw me among other crying babies
I heard that soothing voice now distressed pleading
She was pleading for me
She cried, don’t hurt my baby

I felt a soft hand that must be hers picking me up
But a rough hand snatched me from her and dumped me among other crying babies

The light suddenly went out    BABY BLIND FOLDED
A cloth was put around my face
I started to cry out louder
Mummy save me
Then i felt a movement, wheels were turning
Moving me far away from my mother

Many young girls are held in detention and forced to have babies that are then sold to the highest bidder. These girls get raped and are physically abused during the process. Many babies are snatched right out of the womb and not even allowed to suck the breast milk from their mother. Baby factories Must be STOPPED, Baby trafficking is HEARTLESS. I hear that some maternity clinics and orphanages are used for these illegal and evil act.If you notice unusual activities in your neighborhood please report to the appropriate security operatives. You might be saving one girl, one mother, one baby in detention.

Photo Credit: Vanguard(How child trafficking network operates)

Adebisi Adetunji

Her Seeds won’t Grow


Twenty four full moons had passed; the gossips continued. Even Kala my friend asked me if it was true that my husband was impotent. It was the end of our friendship. In the village I felt embarrassed to walk among the people and at home Manya treated me like an enemy. I prayed that the gods would bless me soon.

One evening while thinking about my troubles, tired from the day’s farm work, I nodded off on the wooden chair in front of our hut. The gentle breeze was comforting. Suddenly, I felt a strong arm grip mine, Manya was back. I quickly got up and welcomed him. He took my place on the chair. He was hungry and I hadn’t cooked. “At least you can cook my meals, since you are an empty barrel”, he said. I felt pained in my heart and tried to speak, “The gods will shine on us soon” The words were still in my mouth when I felt a sharp pain across my face. Dizziness and darkness engulfed me and I staggered backwards. I felt his hands all over my body and heard his furious voice,” You will never challenge me again ….lazy woman”. My screams must have been heard ten compounds away, but it is a man’s business what he does with his wife.

Excerpt from my short story: Face in the Mirror

Thoughts of concern:

How is it that it is a woman’s fault every time she can not conceive?

It is everyone’s business when a man displays violence towards his wife.

Adebisi Adetunji

Be Happy, Don’t Worry

Farm Photo Bisi, Bimpe DeolaThe number of things to worry about on a daily basis are numerous
Bills top the list then Family matters
We worry about work
We worry about our kids
We worry about relationships that aren’t working
We worry about our health
We worry about the past, present and future
We worry…worry…worry

Stop worrying and just take one day at a time!

How i handle my stress and worries:
When i am worried i take deep breaths and speak to my heavenly father.

When i am under pressure i sometimes watch movies to relax

When i am stressed i take a break and take time to laugh with friends
When i am worried about finishing a task, i do all i can do today and leave the rest for tomorrow when I’ll be fresh with new perspectives
When i am worried i remind myself that nothing goes on forever
This too shall pass…Be happy, Don’t worry.

Adebisi Adetunji

Songs I Don’t Sing Along To

Your challenge can be a spring board to a beautiful life…Attitude matters. I find Jonathan’s post very encouraging…a story of great hope!


I don’t sing along to sad songs. Sorrow is a part of the human experience. However, the human experience need not be defined by melancholy or despair. To be in right relationship to my neighbor and right relationship to Christ saves me from traveling down desperation road. Life is wonderfully beautiful.

Yet there is such sorrow in our world and in individuals lives. How do we deal with the hard times and tragedies? Are we to become calloused? This can happen so easily if one isn’t careful. Often I think the easy road is to give up or give in while letting sorrow win. But what if the difficult road is the one that leads us home to joy?

There isn’t much I have control over in the grand scheme of life. One thing I do have control over is my attitude. I choose to see the best in others…

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Celebrating Maami at 70!!! Hip..Hip…Hurray!!!

Maami is 70 today, 10th March 2016. MUM
She was born within the week that the world celebrate mothers and women
She made a statement at birth…I am a woman!

Mum in 1984 just delivered her last baby girl – Aderonke
Mum during naming ceremony of her last baby- Sesan

She was born at a time when society thought that a girl didn’t need to go to school for she would soon be married off
“All the other girls who were sent to school got pregnant”…she was told but she cried and cried and her older brother did manage to help her further her education as best as he could.

Her educational journey stopped at  the level of what was then known as Modern school
Still she went on to work and make a living helping and supporting her family

Maami was there at the birth of my two kids. She was holding my hands in those tough birth pains
Maami cleaned the tear i had after birth until it healed

Maami is a prayer warrior…everyone of us- myself and my siblings know that she is always on her knees praying for us.

I have seen her pains; i have seen her battle health challenges; i have seen her weep but remain strong. Through it all the Lord had helped her.

Oh Maami is not so perfect, she is still human
She can be very stubborn but wise too in her own way.

Maami, is 70years old on planet earth today. She says: “I didn’t even know that i could make it through 40, 50 years…now i am 70, i can only give thanks to God”.

Maami,we love you and celebrate you today. May your strength be renewed and may your life be sweeter.

Memories from family photos:

Grandma on her 69th birthday
Mum with Dad on her 69th birthday
US and Grandma on her 69th
Us and mum on her 69th birthday
Grandchildren and Mum on her 69th
Grandchildren & Mum on her 69th birthday
My brithday with mumand dad
My 40th birth with Dad,mum, hubby
Grandma and family
Grandchildren and grandma celebrating with me
My large family at an end of year thanksgiving

Love: Bisi & Yemi, Bimpe & Ayo, Deola & Tayo, Tayo & Agnes, Ronke & Kenneth, Sesan

Adebisi Adetunji