Ways you can spice up your Blog Content

FRUITY PLATEVariety they say is the spice of life. Achieving this requires learning and trying out new things. As a blogger i do not want to post anything that no person reads. It is exciting to open my blog and find that a particular post attracted a lot of readers and viewers to my site. Every reader, comment, likes,re-blogs and viewer counts.

If you are like me who wants to get better at attracting and keeping readers glued to your blog then let me share a few tips i took away from a blog post by JaniceCreate blog content readers will love-Guranteed.

* Keep a tab on posts that attracted the most viewing or readership: It is a sign post of what your readers are looking for. So revisit those topics or issues from different angles.
* People want to know how to do a lot of things/How to manage situations. So provide contents that answer questions of “How To”.
* Try a variety of styles in packaging your content:
– Use dialogue – interview
– Videos
– picture stories
– Allow for guest posts on your blog. This collaboration provides your followers/readers with a nice variety.
– Question and answer posts: Here you post questions from your readers and try to answer their questions.

So much more that i gleaned from this wonderful lady’s blog post. You can visit her page from the link provided above for more on creating contents that keep your readers/followers coming back.

My Personal thoughts on this:

  • Write about real life stories people can connect with but of course remember to protect the privacy of the characters of your story.
  • Share your life with your readers sometimes; they get to know you better and connect with you in a personal way.
  • Surprise yourself and throw in a few poems sometimes even if that is not your turf.
  • Enjoy writing and keep learning how to do it better.

Have a great Day and thank you for stopping by to read this post!!

Adebisi Adetunji



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