Be Happy, Don’t Worry

Farm Photo Bisi, Bimpe DeolaThe number of things to worry about on a daily basis are numerous
Bills top the list then Family matters
We worry about work
We worry about our kids
We worry about relationships that aren’t working
We worry about our health
We worry about the past, present and future
We worry…worry…worry

Stop worrying and just take one day at a time!

How i handle my stress and worries:
When i am worried i take deep breaths and speak to my heavenly father.

When i am under pressure i sometimes watch movies to relax

When i am stressed i take a break and take time to laugh with friends
When i am worried about finishing a task, i do all i can do today and leave the rest for tomorrow when I’ll be fresh with new perspectives
When i am worried i remind myself that nothing goes on forever
This too shall pass…Be happy, Don’t worry.

Adebisi Adetunji


4 thoughts on “Be Happy, Don’t Worry

  1. Hi Bisi,

    Very inspiring. 🙂

    Worry is like trying to fetch water with a basket, nothing gets done, it only slows the process and confuses one with fears. Happiness is a decision.

    Thank you for sharing, enjoy the rest of the week!

    Liked by 1 person

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