Her Seeds won’t Grow


Twenty four full moons had passed; the gossips continued. Even Kala my friend asked me if it was true that my husband was impotent. It was the end of our friendship. In the village I felt embarrassed to walk among the people and at home Manya treated me like an enemy. I prayed that the gods would bless me soon.

One evening while thinking about my troubles, tired from the dayโ€™s farm work, I nodded off on the wooden chair in front of our hut. The gentle breeze was comforting. Suddenly, I felt a strong arm grip mine, Manya was back. I quickly got up and welcomed him. He took my place on the chair. He was hungry and I hadnโ€™t cooked. โ€œAt least you can cook my meals, since you are an empty barrelโ€, he said. I felt pained in my heart and tried to speak, โ€œThe gods will shine on us soonโ€ The words were still in my mouth when I felt a sharp pain across my face. Dizziness and darkness engulfed me and I staggered backwards. I felt his hands all over my body and heard his furious voice,โ€ You will never challenge me again โ€ฆ.lazy womanโ€. My screams must have been heard ten compounds away, but it is a manโ€™s business what he does with his wife.

Excerpt from my short story: Face in the Mirror

Thoughts of concern:

How is it that it is a woman’s fault every time she can not conceive?

It is everyone’s business when a man displays violence towards his wife.

Adebisi Adetunji


10 thoughts on “Her Seeds won’t Grow

  1. Men and women should do check ups if they are unable to have children. However, in Africa we have men who strongly believe a woman might have obanje children (that’s spirit children) which hinders physical children.

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  2. Wow! You write so beautifully, I didn’t want this to end, it held my attention firmly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Unfortunately, different rules apply to the two genders. The blame for infertility is unfairly placed squarely on the woman’s shoulders.

    I’m reminded of a quote- ” When a man is oppressed it is a tragedy, but when a woman is oppressed it is tradition”

    PS: Where can I find the full version of “Face in the mirror”?


    • Hi Nedu, its amazing how everything about is hinged on traditions while for men it is a right. It is so unfair what some women have to go through. Face in the mirror is still work in progress but i’l try posting more excerpts of the story. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  3. This is a topical issue that I think we need to talk more about – thanks ‘Bisi. I believe those that knew best should step up to inspire and educate others.

    When my sister didn’t get pregnant a year after wedding, she did endless amount of tests. I asked about the husband’s family + his siblings, they all seem to be fine too. I didn’t want to make any speculations so I advise that he needs to go for sperm count test just so we know where to focus attention – he was a cool guy but a Yoruba man at heart so he hesitated, I stepped back but told my sister it makes no sense for her to worry when we just don’t know where the issue lies. especially that her tests all came back clear – eventually he did and thankfully, all is fine with him.

    Everyone was a lot relaxed and just keep praying that it will happen if it’s meant to be given they are both okay. Anyway, eventually we had good news!

    Too often women are blamed for this when it has nothing to do with them. A man having erections isn’t synonymous to fertility as he can be shooting blank or having low sperm count. I wish we can be more open about subject like this to put people at ease.

    Have you read Secrets of Baba Segi’s wives by Lola Shoneyin? The book is about this and very similar to what I have seen growing up.

    Hopefully, our women can share stories to put one another at ease.


    • I totally agree with you Kemi that we need to educate our people more about the issue of infertility. Thank you for sharing your sister’s experience. And i have heard about the book…i should try to lay my hands on it.:)

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      • Ha, it’s worth reading, serious issue but full of laugh out Liam moments and very relatable! I like books about us that is set at familiar places, you can see locations in your mind’s eye (oju inu).

        Ha and Shoneyin didn’t even have to hire me as an agent ๐Ÿ™‚

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