My Candid Opinion about Queens College Girls Protest


In the news a few days ago girls from Queens college Yaba Lagos protested an alleged sexual assault against one of their teacher Mr Olaseni Oshifala. A report alleged that Oshifala had molested a JSS 2 pupil while in a drunken state when she left her hostel to use the toilet.

A number of reactions has continued to pour in since this protest. There are those who are in support of what these girls did while another group believe that the protest was needless and an abuse of the students whose parent’s permission were not sought before embarking on the said protest. Some others believe that it is an attack on Mr Oshifala’s “good reputation”. While the matter is still been investigated to get the details of what is true and what is not true, i say there is no smoke without fire.

In my own opinion something must have been happening and no one had been listening. Whether it is a Mr Oshifala or another teacher who might have been sexually molesting some girls in the school, certainly proper attention had not been paid to protect girls from this kind of abuse. Most times when a teacher whom a girl look up to start making sexual advances, the question of who to tell is a big issue.

I remember while in secondary school we had a very brilliant and supposedly disciplinarian teacher whom every student feared and respected. He had this seemingly untainted image but unknowingly to the school authority he had eyes for some of us girls. A close friend of mine was molested by this “Mr nice and disciplined teacher”. He would summon her every now and then to his office and blab about nothing tangible. My friend started to talk to us about her concern and we all became worried. We didn’t know who to tell; none of us wanted to be victimized or thought of as wanting to mess up the good image of Mr intelligent and brilliant. One day he even tried to make out with her and she had to run around in his office with him chasing her until she managed to escape. She told us again and still we couldn’t tell anyone. We all finally decided that whenever Mr nice and intelligent sends for my friend one or two of us would accompany her to his office. If he did not allow us in , we made sure he knew we were outside. It was a case of standing up for each other applying our own little girly wisdom. Mr Nice did not get any further at molesting my friend but who knows how many other girls he successfully sexually harassed during our time and after we graduated to various tertiary institutions.

My point is this, girls who are sexually molested in our secondary schools don’t always have someone they can talk to when facing sexual assault or molestation. It is only very few of these cases that gets attention.

This is the first time i will hear about school girls protesting about charges of molestation even though they said the Mr Oshifala was not guilty of the offense. Sexual assault of female students by their teachers is as old as the start of education itself. No girl would dare report these cases. It is unheard of in our African/Nigerian culture.

In my day we could not report our Mr Nice and intelligent. Do we have to wait until things get out of hand before school authorities put in place measures that allows for report and redress of cases of molestation by teachers or anyone in school?

Society always think that kids are not able to or should not speak up for themselves! I say if us adult are not protecting them as we should then they have to shout to be heard. I believe that there is something to be concerned about in this protest. Instead of shutting the issue down through blame game, all those concerned with addressing the issue should investigate this matter and ensure that sexual molestation is stamped out now. Remember tomorrow it my be your daughter or grand-daughter or even niece.

Time to start listening to our children.

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Adebisi Adetunji

14 thoughts on “My Candid Opinion about Queens College Girls Protest

  1. I think it is a sad matter that the girls should be criticized for taking a stand. I couldn’t agree more with you. Many schools would actually Blame the victims for “leading” the teachers on. I hope this brings light to the issue of sexual harassment in schools

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  2. Nice thoughts sis. The girls weren’t protesting against the teacher actually, they were protesting against those of us (QC Old Girls) who had taken up the matter to investigate further. They were standing up for the teacher, not against him.
    You see, this man had made such good friends with these girls and the school authorities that they had been blinded by his charm. The principals (past and present) and the management team, plus the PTA were standing up for this man even though several allegations had been levelled against this man over the years. The school refused to investigate the issues. It wasn’t only the girls that protested, even friends and ‘well wishers’, colleagues that felt he couldn’t have done the things simply because he was a good teacher. If you checked their placards well, you would see those things written on them.
    The reason people condemned the protest was it didn’t feel right for school girls to protest for an alleged sex offender. That’s the right point of view.
    I’m a QCOG and I’ve been very much involved with all these so I know.

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    • Thank you sis for an inside point of view on this matter. The news reports i have followed and that was broadcast in the media say that some girls protested against the teacher’s alleged sexual assault while another group of girls raised placards in support. I am glad old QC old girls like you are investigating this matter. This protest goes to show that girls who are sexually molested do not get the chance to blow the whistle on the molester. Girls need to learn to speak up and this unfolding incidence is an opportunity to create platforms where matters of sexual assault in schools can be dealt with appropriately. I would really love to know how things turn out. Thank you for taking the time to read and make your contribution.

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    • Thank you for the insider viewpoints and for your involvement. I will just ignore the girls that clearly have no idea what they were doing or why would any girls be for a teacher who was accused of a rape, at least let him disprove the allegation himself.

      I bet they probably thought the teacher is irreplaceable, predators are always like that – chameleons they are. I do hope justice is done for the victim.

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  3. Hmm…I was never molested by a teacher in secondary school but I knew a few girls who did have sex with our teachers willingly. We dare not talk. It was an open secret. Things are happening. It will be wise if our parents can actually listen. Thanks for the awareness.


  4. I was so sad when news of this incident in QC came to light. I tried to remember something like this happening while I was there, but I couldn’t. Then a lady revealed that her friend had been raped (not by this teacher) in the years I was there, but the issue was hushed up and nothing came of it- well, except the destruction of a young girl’s life.

    There really is no smoke without fire. If, as the principal said, these allegations reared their head every time a new principal came on board, could it not be that people were just looking for someone who would finally do something? They were so quick to believe that there was a campaign against the man, rather than believe the people who spoke up.

    The situation is more nuanced than this, but QC disappointed a lot of people in their handling of the matter.

    As for the protest… What rubbish? Protesting in support of a teacher being accused of sexual assault? When they were supposed to be in class? It looks very bad. The teachers and principal got that one wrong.

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    • Thanks Toby for lending your voice to the issue of sexual molestation of school girls. I really do hope that the issue of rape will be investigated as should be and then hopefully girls at QC can be protected.


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