Teach me how to paint BIG

I am blown away by Catherine’s(My new friend) work of art. I am also touched by the fact that she gave her time into teaching children in Nepal English. We can all share our gifts with others in our communities and around the world. So next time you want to belittle your gift…think again. Well look how colorful the walls of this school became after Cat’s fingers did the magic. Well done girl!


After a few months in Asia, lounging on gorgeous white beaches and trekking through jungle, I decided to go to Nepal to teach English. Along the way I met Emil – the Architect of the new school the organisation I volunteered for was building. Emil is a street artist on the side and has painted somewhere around 5/6 murals in Kathmandu and around Nepal. He helped me complete this design in record time. I haven’t sketched or painted much since I’ve been away, an elephant here or there. This reminded me of how much I miss it.

I started with a composition of all the things that made Nepal such a special place for me. Prayer flags in the primary colours everywhere, elephants or ‘Hati’ painted on the side of trucks, the deadly leopard, cloudy purple Himalayas on the horizon, grabbing monkeys, blowing bubbles (kids here are mad for it), the falling blossoms and of course the…

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2 thoughts on “Teach me how to paint BIG

  1. Thank you so much again for sharing this story. It really is a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to have visited and spent time with the children who are all so talented in their own way.

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    • Cat It was a pleasure sharing this great work of art and the heart behind this good work. My friends really loved it, and they celebrate your work. Well done and keep going. Happy new month.


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