Stealing Education away from the “Common Man”

Public schools make education accessible to the children of low income earners known as “the common man”. Oyo State government recently advertised the privatization of public schools in the state thereby opening the door for private ownership by any organization willing to invest in the education sector. SCHOOL

My Take: This is an alarming and worrisome development in my opinion. What does this mean to the goal of ensuring that all children get an education? It seemed that government had been paying lip service about making education accessible to the grass root. If this privatization move succeeds definitely the cost of getting an education would go up and become in-affordable for the lower income earners families.

A few months back the state government made it a law that Primary and secondary school students were to now pay a certain amount for school fees in public schools. This met with resistance from parents and other members of society. Right now some children have been withdrawn from attending school because parents cannot not afford the so called merger amount. What happens now that the state government wants to pass down this public service duty to those investors who would only be interested in making money. After-all a business is intended to make profit for its owner.

I really wonder what our government is really willing to do for her citizenry. The least we can do is make education accessible for all so that whether a family is at the lower class level or middle class, their children can enjoy the benefits of getting an education.

Implication: Privatizing public schools is a tool for stealing education away from the grass root. Many children will not be able to get an education and become equipped with what they need to make something meaningful of their lives and would also not be able to contribute to the development of our society. And seriously we are digging a big ditch that would harm the future of our society. If these children drop out of school or families are no longer able to send their children to school then we are breeding a generation that would eventually become social menace to the society at large. They are the ones that would contribute to teenage pregnancy, child marriage, thuggery, crime, drug peddling and addictions in our communities.This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Solution: If it has become too burdensome for government to fund education perhaps it should simply return to the schools they took away from Mission institutions. Collaborate with willing organizations to support government in improving infrastructure and equip the schools with necessary learning tools(books, laboratories and more). However government should get its priority right…lets stop wasting money and invest our resources in building the future of our children. Check out our over bloated contracts the ends up not getting done and the money gets shared among the key players.

Time to think and plan better for the future of our society. Many of us attended Public schools and they were affordable for our parents back then. Many notable people in leadership today also benefited from these public schools in the past and their story is not complete without that benefit.

For all children to be educated government must be in the fore front of providing that education. If we kill everything what would be left for our children?

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Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Happy in spite of….

Happiness…what is it?

My definition: Feeling good within about something, about your life

So what happens when things change just like that? See what i mean below:

A Bag of Rice Before: N8,000  Now: N15,000

Gari from N100 to N350 per congo

Tomatoes 4 at N600…A basket N34,000 used to be N8,000

Petrol at N145 per liter before: N87

No electricity

Cost of living has generally gone up

Is there anything to still be happy about in Nigeria?

O yes…

When there is life, there is hope; goes a wise saying

So i am grateful for LIFE;

I am grateful for HOPE

Don’t let all that is going on wipe your smile and zest for life 


Smile all the same and take one day at a time. Have a great day.

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Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Children’s Day Special: What a Girl must need Know – She didn’t know Girls menstruated until age 30+

There are a number of things a growing child should know and the home is the one  place children are taught and equipped with skills they need to cope with life as adults.

Camera 360
A girl like any other girl

Imagine a girl never knowing about menstruation until she became 30+ years old. This is not fiction but someone’s real life’s story. She was given in marriage just about when she started to get to  puberty. This lady had her babies in quick successions and while breast feeding she never menstruated. And so at 30+ years old  she found herself bleeding and thought something was wrong. She became worried visiting different doctors. Finally a  doctor asked her about when her last menstruation was and she stared back looking blank. It was discovered that she never knew that girls, women menstruated.

Seriously?!!! It is a bewildering story to me…i just felt it was so unfair! First her childhood was stolen from her by marrying her off so quickly then she never even got to learn the lessons of what attaining puberty means. How in heaven’s name would she even be able to teach her own girls what it means to menstruate and attain sexual maturity?

As a  parent take your children through the signs of puberty and allow your child especially the girl child to enjoy the process of becoming an adult.

As a mum i am going to teach my girl (and my boy of course) all she needs to know about her body and puberty. We seriously need to do more to prepare children for life by communicating needed information. Sexuality education is important, be there for your children as they go through the process of puberty.


Adebisi Adetunji (C)


Children’s Day Special – Check out this creative little Girl

On May 27th every year Nigerian children are celebrated. It is usually a no school day for the kids. Fun events are organized by organizations, schools and just about anybody wanting to leverage on this special day. Trust corporate bodies… ideas about how to make money off parents. Hmmn…poor us, our pockets are going to receive a big bashing.  Children will be laughing and giggling while mums and dads will be smiling and trying not to calculate how much had just been invested in fun activities and packages. That is not to say they wouldn’t be happy to see their kids happy… 🙂

While some children have it all nicely planned out for them some children would probably not know that the day has come and gone as no one is celebrating them in their homes. Celebrate children in your community especially those who are less privileged.

One way to celebrate apart from all the fun activities is to take a closer look  at your child’s gifts and talents and celebrate it. Here is one little girl i want to celebrate…

RoyinJesu Akinyemi Royin

Nicknamed Roro Baby
She is got little fingers that crafts beautiful paintings and art work.
She has a very Imaginative and creative mind. Roro Baby uses any material (cloths, pillows, pen, etc) she can lay her hands on to design amazing art pieces.

Roro Baby is just 6years



Art Card designed by Royin to celebrate the birth of her new cousin. Every child should be celebrated…every child matters…celebrate your child always,stop putting him/her down

Royin Art Card to Baby Sofia

A colorful and bright day mirrored by the sun and a fruitful tree. Life is good says Royin. Make life more beautiful for children by protecting and providing for them

Royin Tree Art

An ant up to something naughty…mischievous you can say. Children can be playful, naughty and mischievous…it is all part of growing up. Great patience and love helps children discover themselves.

Royin ANT Painting

Putting mummy’s cloth pegs into use and building a fabulous looking house. Children need peaceful homes where they can be safe and properly nurtured to become great and well rounded adults.

Royin Clip House Art

Help your Girl…your Boy become all He/She can ever be in life. Harness your child’s gifts and talents and watch Her/Him blossom into an adult that you will be proud of. It will not just happen…make it happen by Protecting, Providing and Loving them.

Happy Children’s Day!!!  Royin 2

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Missed Blogging and you my friends

A Visit to Koko Community Delta StateHello,
How have you been? I missed you; my blogging community, friends and family. I missed reading all the beautiful, intriguing and creative posts. Last week was a “slow down week” for me. I simply could not write or post anything…there was just this lack of inspiration hanging in my head and heart. Seriously again i wonder whether it is OK to take some time off scheduled posting on one’s blog. Ever reading about how to grow viewing on my blog and staying connected i felt like i was not tending to my garden not intentionally though.

The question about why i am blogging pops up in between the days i couldn’t post anything. So here is the deal i want to learn from my successful neighbors and keep working hard at blogging but hey...there would be days to take a break and attend to life outside the blogosphere. Therefore if you do get a break from blogging for a while don’t beat yourself so hard or freak out. Get right back at it as soon as you can and have fun doing it.

Missed you and hope to be able to catch up on all the juicy,interesting and creative posts. I would also be sharing my thoughts on stories and issues that have been bouncing around in my head.

Thank you for staying with me; have a great week.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)