Be Nice to People

Man: Good day Madam OFFICE TINZ
Secretary: (CURT TONE) Good day, what do you want?!
Man: ( STARTLED) Em…I have an appointment with the MD.
Secretary: (IRRITATED) Please come back tomorrow, MD is having a serious board meeting today.
Man: Tomorrow again?! Ok what time should i come in tomorrow?
Secretary: Anytime you like…now if you’d excuse me i have to finishing typing this letter!

Man leaves disappointed and embarrassed

Secretary: (MUTTERING ) God just move me on…i mean let my Mr Right come and take me away from this….this…
Angel: (WHISPERS IN HER EARS) Dear girl your Mr right just left!

Hope you got the joke…Be nice to people.

Now i want to be nice to  a dear sister Jacqueline…check out her new book Out of the Silent Breath. She is a great blogger and writer. Have a great day.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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