Children’s Day Special – Check out this creative little Girl

On May 27th every year Nigerian children are celebrated. It is usually a no school day for the kids. Fun events are organized by organizations, schools and just about anybody wanting to leverage on this special day. Trust corporate bodies… ideas about how to make money off parents. Hmmn…poor us, our pockets are going to receive a big bashing.Β  Children will be laughing and giggling while mums and dads will be smiling and trying not to calculate how much had just been invested in fun activities and packages. That is not to say they wouldn’t be happy to see their kids happy… πŸ™‚

While some children have it all nicely planned out for them some children would probably not know that the day has come and gone as no one is celebrating them in their homes. Celebrate children in your community especially those who are less privileged.

One way to celebrate apart from all the fun activities is to take a closer lookΒ  at your child’s gifts and talents and celebrate it. Here is one little girl i want to celebrate…

RoyinJesu Akinyemi Royin

Nicknamed Roro Baby
She is got little fingers that crafts beautiful paintings and art work.
She has a very Imaginative and creative mind. Roro Baby uses any material (cloths, pillows, pen, etc) she can lay her hands on to design amazing art pieces.

Roro Baby is just 6years



Art Card designed by Royin to celebrate the birth of her new cousin. Every child should be celebrated…every child matters…celebrate your child always,stop putting him/her down

Royin Art Card to Baby Sofia

A colorful and bright day mirrored by the sun and a fruitful tree. Life is good says Royin. Make life more beautiful for children by protecting and providing for them

Royin Tree Art

An ant up to something naughty…mischievous you can say. Children can be playful, naughty and mischievous…it is all part of growing up. Great patience and love helps children discover themselves.

Royin ANT Painting

Putting mummy’s cloth pegs into use and building a fabulous looking house. Children need peaceful homes where they can be safe and properly nurtured to become great and well rounded adults.

Royin Clip House Art

Help your Girl…your Boy become all He/She can ever be in life. Harness your child’s gifts and talents and watch Her/Him blossom into an adult that you will be proud of. It will not just happen…make it happen by Protecting, Providing and Loving them.

Happy Children’s Day!!!Β  Royin 2

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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