Happy in spite of….

Happiness…what is it?

My definition: Feeling good within about something, about your life

So what happens when things change just like that? See what i mean below:

A Bag of Rice Before: N8,000  Now: N15,000

Gari from N100 to N350 per congo

Tomatoes 4 at N600…A basket N34,000 used to be N8,000

Petrol at N145 per liter before: N87

No electricity

Cost of living has generally gone up

Is there anything to still be happy about in Nigeria?

O yes…

When there is life, there is hope; goes a wise saying

So i am grateful for LIFE;

I am grateful for HOPE

Don’t let all that is going on wipe your smile and zest for life 


Smile all the same and take one day at a time. Have a great day.

Photo Credit: Bamise

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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