Life is Beautiful with you in it

It is the birthday season in my family. Here comes the MAY celebrant. We are Grateful for this precious Gift.

King David


Small but mighty: Officially a teenager now at 13
Want to see some action on a party floor, My son is the one doing some dance steps
Boisterous and full of life, bold and not ashamed to express himself


I get a lot of hugs with his arms wrapped around saying mum, i love you; you are a good mummy
The drummer Boy in the family

When i remember your journey into planet earth i can only thank God. Our family is truly blessed to have you be a part of our lives.


May you grow to fulfill destiny and purpose
May you be a voice to reckon with in your generation
May you make the world a better place
May lives be blessed through you
May your life be rich and truly blessed

Happy birthday Son
Love: Dad, Mum & Ololade

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts on Leadership/Management

A photograph taken with the statue of Mahatma Gandhi , leader of the Indian Independence movement reminds me that leaders are made not born. No leader remains forever for times and seasons pass and life just moves on. Therefore leadership is a privilege and an art that must be learned. We learn from the success and failings of past leaders in every field. Here are a few thoughts on how to succeed at leadership/management:

Statue Mahtma Gandi
Taking a pix with statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Uganda

Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted. Anonymous

Be prepared to look at unusual opportunities. Richard Templar

Breaking out of familiar thought patterns and coming up with new possibilities; it is one of the keys to improving creativity. Lloyd King

Being creative is about finding new and different ways to solve a problem. Richard Templar

Too much management and you stagnate. Too much leadership and you get nowhere. Embrace the challenge of striking a balance. The management and leadership network

The really good managers are also leaders – They inspire and motivate, encourage and enthuse. Richard Templar.

These are thought lines i garnered from a book i am reading currently- “The Rules of Management” by Richard Templar. It is funny, witty and practical. No one is paying me for this just sharing something i believe would be useful for anyone wearing or thinking of putting on leadership shoes.

Inspired by Jackie’s Tuesday Trickles Challenge: Sharing quotes and thoughts to inspire you and others

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Finding beauty on the Farm

MILLIPEDEOn a visit to grandpa’s farm and i couldn’t resist taking the picture of this lone millipede crawling gently along the ground. It beautifully blended in with the pavement. Inspired by Mundane Monday photo challenge which is all about finding beauty in the little everyday things around you.

Have a great week!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Stop Minding Your Business!!!


It is your business when your neighbors get physically violent with each other! Many times people just mind their business when couples living next to them engage in frequent fights. Nobody says anything until something terrible happens. I cannot understand why we keep mute and lie to ourselves that reporting domestic violence or calling the attention of appropriate authorities is meddling in other people’s personal family matters. No wonder then that we soon hear the announcement of the death of one of the fighting couple.

In the news again this weekend we hear about a man beating his wife to death; then he locks the door leaving his two children with the body of their mother! (I do not even know how to qualify his action…so…so wicked!!!) So called neighbors when asked why they did not intervene said that they were used to hearing the couple fight each other and did not know that it will become fatal.

Seriously do we have to wait until somebody winds up dead before doing something to stop any form of physical assault?

Something my brother did a few years ago comes to my mind. He had a neighbor who was in the habit of physically abusing his wife. Every time he beat her the woman’s cry could be heard in the homes of their neighbors including my brother’s house. One day he just about had enough…this neighbor started to beat his wife as usual and my brother decided to call the Police. Thank God our Nigerian Police did not say it was a family matter as is their practice. The man was arrested and the woman’s family later thanked my brother for helping to save their daughter. I was so proud of him for taking this step and not minding his business as we all do most times.

My point…if domestic violence is going on in your neighbor’s house do not keep silent…do not mind your own business because we should all be about the business of saving lives!!!


What you can do
• Knock or bang on the door when a fight is going on.
• Tell your neighbor that his or her behavior is unacceptable.
• Report the matter to their close relatives; pastor if you have the privilege of knowing them
• Report to the Police, if it continues
• Whatever you do, don’t mind your business

Enough of battering that leads to death!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

She Built a House under His Nose


There has been argument for and against a woman building a house without her husband’s knowledge. Unlike in developed countries where housing is planned and anyone wanting to own a house has to buy one, in Africa it’s a different ball game. You want a house or want to be a “landlord” as we say, you have to go through the process of buying a land and saving or loaning money to build your desired dream home.

Largely men are expected by society to be the “chief owners” and landlords of houses. Again i found out that more women now take up this role when they have the resources to own their own properties. Interestingly even though in times past women’s right to own their own lands, houses and properties was frowned at by society my grandmother who is now late had not just a house but she owned a number of properties and did manage to leave a good inheritance for her children.

Now where am i going with this gist? Well there seem to be a lot of quarrel over a woman building a house or even owning a property without the “express permission” of her husband. There are those men who do not like the idea of their wives building a house at all. To them it is like undermining their ability to be “the man” that should provide/leadership role. The other side of the divide are women who do not carry along their husbands in this great investment of building a house/owning a property. When such a man finds out all hell breaks loose. It becomes a big family feud that will require external intervention. Sometimes these marriages break as a result.

I believe there should be nothing hidden between spouses. If i have a land or would like to build, I’ll carry my husband along in my plans. In fact i turned up my nose against women who leave their husband in the dark about such huge steps until i heard this story…

There is this couple whom i would refer to as Mr & Mrs Ray. Mrs Ray purchased a land and built a house without the knowledge of her husband Mr Ray. She held this secret tightly to her heart and revealed it when something happened. Mr Ray’s family showed up one day to inform her that their son, Mr Ray had a baby by another woman. They pleaded with her to forgive him of this betrayal and our dear Mrs Ray refused to go berserk because of this news. Days later she invited her husband to the location of her property to show him the house she had built. Mr Ray went into a shock. When he did recover he accused her of “backstabbing”and was very furious with her. Why did Mrs Ray acquire her own property secretly? Could it be that she did not trust her husband? Perhaps so because it was later revealed by her that Mr Ray collected every penny she made from her business often and had assaulted her physically. A lot happened between them that i would not like to go into in this story but the couple eventually separated.

Sad way for that marriage to have ended but i am forced to ask what is wrong with a woman owning properties, lands and houses? Why do some men feel threatened by this?

A man who supports his woman will be the bigger beneficiary of the dividend.

Men and Women should support one another to succeed for the world can be no better with just one of the gender.

Photo Credit: How to make a model of a house

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Be Nice to People

Man: Good day Madam OFFICE TINZ
Secretary: (CURT TONE) Good day, what do you want?!
Man: ( STARTLED) Em…I have an appointment with the MD.
Secretary: (IRRITATED) Please come back tomorrow, MD is having a serious board meeting today.
Man: Tomorrow again?! Ok what time should i come in tomorrow?
Secretary: Anytime you like…now if you’d excuse me i have to finishing typing this letter!

Man leaves disappointed and embarrassed

Secretary: (MUTTERING ) God just move me on…i mean let my Mr Right come and take me away from this….this…
Angel: (WHISPERS IN HER EARS) Dear girl your Mr right just left!

Hope you got the joke…Be nice to people.

Now i want to be nice to  a dear sister Jacqueline…check out her new book Out of the Silent Breath. She is a great blogger and writer. Have a great day.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)