What in the world is this? Sad story of Maria Abbasi

A girl should have the right to turn down a marriage proposal!!! I am really sad to read about the story of this 18year Old Pakistani school teacher set ablaze because she refused a marriage proposal?!!!

Maria Abbasi
CNN Photo – Maria Abbasi

Maria Abbasi was baby sitting her little sister when her attackers came and carried out this heinous crime.

Violence against women and girls has to STOP!!!

A Poem for Maria Abbasi

So sad that your life was cut short

How brave you were to say no to that proposal though fatal

Children at your school will miss you

Your family will miss you

The world  will miss you

Your attackers did not know that you could have been the next solution to their communities problem

Maria, your story though sad has renewed our energy to fighting every violence against women & girls

Adeiu Maria

Stop these senseless killings…A girl has a right to say no

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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