Every little girl who dream, yes you can have it – Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton makes history as first female presumed presidential nominee for a major USA political party. Hillary Clinton 2

I must say that the on going presidential race to the white house has been most intriguing; full of turns and twists. In my home we practically watch out for latest up-date on the state of campaigns and preparation towards the coming US election in November.

A few of my friends from the U.S have some concerns about who might eventually occupy the sit of the most “powerful president” in the world. Well fingers are crossed as the race pans out. In the mean time i celebrate the fact that history is been made as for the first time a female presumed presidential nominee for a major USA political party emerges.

Yipeee…..          Hillary Clinton
Bells ringing…
Shout out….

We have come a long way from winning the battle for women’s right to vote on August 18 1920 in the US Constitution 19th amendment to the big dream of clinching the leadership mantle. For now we bask in this great mile stone while looking ahead in hope for a win…win…win.

Other women who have made their mark in American Politics:

  • First Female Speaker – Nancy Pelosi
  • First Repulican Nominee – Sarah Palin

Women Deputy Governors in politics in Nigeria

  • Yetunde Onanuga – Deputy Governor of Ogun state
  • Valerie Ebe –      Deputy Governor Of Akwa Ibom State
  • Joke Orelope Akinfulire – Deputy Governor of Lagos State
  • Ipalibo Gogo Banigo- Deputy Governor Rivers State

Nigeria’s first Female Elected Governor for Taraba State: Aisha Alhassan. Unfortunately it was contested and she lost the chance. Somewhere down the line we can hopefully have a female governor and president. There is no giving up.

So keep dreaming ,working hard and developing yourself girl/lady/woman…nothing shall be impossible to him/her that believes.

Photo Credit : http://www.people.com



Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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